Crocs Lightweight Slides & Sandals - Crocs

Crocs Lightweight Slides & Sandals - Crocs
Crocs Lightweight Slides & Sandals - Crocs
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In anticipation of summer, Crocs has created two versatile models for long-awaited city walks and active country weekends:

Crocs Brooklyn Sandals

The model on the 4.5 cm platform combines minimalist style and comfort: sandals complement both feminine and casual looks. Despite the wedge heel height and sleek silhouette, Brooklyn sandals are designed for long-lasting comfort. A lightweight Crocslite ™ polymer construction, innovative LiteRide ™ insoles and an extra heel groove for optimal fit create a lightweight, relaxed feel. The soft, flexible Matlite upper does not chafe even on the first day of wear, making the sandals a versatile companion for any situation!

Cost - from 3999 to 5299 rubles, depending on the model.

Slides CROCS Classic Slide

The Classic II Slide is a stylish and lightweight design that rivals the comfort of classic Crocs clogs. It can be customized with colorful Jibbitz ™ that will make the pair unique. The original Croslite ™ resin provides all-day support. The model is easy to clean and dries quickly, which means you can safely go in it in search of adventure!

The cost is 1599 rubles.

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