New Campaign And New Crocs Ambassadors - Crocs

New Campaign And New Crocs Ambassadors - Crocs
New Campaign And New Crocs Ambassadors - Crocs

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Crocs has announced the launch of an international marketing campaign Come As You Are featuring international celebrities. This year the campaign is being held for the fourth time: traditionally, the brand announces new star partners and presents innovative products that will go on sale in early 2020.

The new Crocs ambassadors are: actress, model and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Yang Mi, a famous Chinese actress. They have joined the all-star cast of the Come As You Are campaign, which already features American singer and actress Zooey Deschanel, as well as South Korean actress and Gugudan member Kim Sejong and Japanese actress and model Suzu Hirose. This year, celebrities will once again be united by their love of comfort: inspired by the new Crocs, they will prove by their own example that you can be yourself, enjoy comfort and look stylish. And all this - at the same time!

This year, Come As You Are will be attended not only by celebrities, but also by those who can rightfully be called One-Of-A-Kinds. Thanks to these people, the campaign will be even more focused on the theme of personality. The concept of One-Of-A-Kinds is that the faces of the brand can be people of completely different ages and backgrounds, with different views, orientations and physical characteristics. At Crocs, everyone can feel comfortable, remaining themselves and emphasizing their uniqueness. In 2020, special models and influencers took part in the filming of the campaign. Through social media, they will engage a wide audience in the Crocs world.

“Come As You Are for four years now: during this time we realized that the main message of the campaign is becoming more and more relevant. We appeal to everyone who loves Crocs: enjoy being special and take pride in your uniqueness,”says Crocs Marketing Director Terence Reilly. “Our new celebrity ambassadors and people of all shapes and sizes participating in the campaign complement each other perfectly, motivating each person to fully and completely accept themselves.”

Along with the ideas for the Come As You Are campaign, Crocs will focus on leading the way in innovative comfort footwear, with the brand to introduce new trendy pieces in 2020. A must-have this spring is the Crocs Brooklyn Wedge for women. Along with the high-comfort LiteRide ™ insole, this model features comfortable buckles and a weightless silhouette. The model will be available in different colors and with different wedge heights, which will allow you to combine the shoes with any item in your wardrobe.

This spring, in addition to Brooklyn Wedge, Crocs will focus on:

  • LiteRide ™

    This collection of clogs, sneakers and sandals adapts to any pace of life. With superior cushioning and special insoles, LiteRide is world-class in comfort and lightweight footwear. This season, the lineup will feature new clog colors and an updated sandal silhouette.

  • Crocs sandals are not only clogs, but also trendy sandals and flip-flops. The Brooklyn wedge and strappy Tulum sandals, as well as the updated Classic Crocs Slide and Swiftwater ™, will go on sale this year.

  • New colors for classic clogs and more Jibbitz charms

    The brand will present new colors for classic clogs and flip-flops - melon, mint, lemon and electric pink. New items are also expected in the line of jibbitz charms: they will help customers to personalize their shoes and express their own style.

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