Hustle's Hip Breakfast - Moda News

Hustle's Hip Breakfast - Moda News
Hustle's Hip Breakfast - Moda News
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Video: Breakfast at Pattaya-Olala Restaurant in Beach Road Soi7 2023, February

On February 11, in the beautiful interior of the Hustle restaurant, there was a Fashion Breakfast organized by the online magazine MODA.RU. Producer and visionary Anton Alfer invited journalists, bloggers and critics ahead of the seasonal events to discuss new topics and exchange views.

“In the era of normcore, which reigns supreme on the catwalk and in life, a healthy body becomes the best clothing. Fashion is not ready to come to terms with old age, at least it would like old age to come later and be beautiful,”the editor-in-chief of MODA.RU Yevgenia Alfer formulated the main topic of the meeting. Is it possible to live 120 years of active life? It was decided to ask this question to a specialist.

The invited guest this morning was the luminaries of world gerontology, the Russian biologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksey Aleksandrovich Moskalev, the author of several books on longevity. The guests were able to ask their questions about the state of research today, about the prospects of gerontology, and get practical advice on the topic “how to prolong the age in the active phase”. Is it possible to invent a pill “for old age”? Yes, says Aleksey Moskalev, if society forms a request for this pill, and research in the field of gerontology will be more actively funded.

Also at the Fashion Breakfast a gift from the partners of the exhibition "Costume Jewelry from Vintage to the Present Day" was raffled off. The lot was jewelry - a ring and a "Feather" bracelet from the French brand Ornalys. Ornalys is a family business founded in 1887. Jewelry has been passed down from generation to generation. This set is made according to the stamps of the 20s of the last century. The brand is a constant participant of the "Costume Jewelry from Vintage to the Present Day" exhibition. The jewelry was won by the young gentleman Nikas.

The Crimean wine house "Izyumov" this morning raffled off 3 boxes of champagne.

The St.Friday Socks brand, which creates an exceptionally good mood, did not leave anyone without a gift, and traditionally delighted the guests with bright colors of positive.

Among the guests of the Fashion Breakfast were: Alisa Tolkacheva, Alexander Treschev, Malena Mayakovskaya, Tatyana Komissarova, Alexander Lareks, Tatyana Gorinovich, Tim Ilyasov, Irina Karimova, Andrey Abolenkin and others.

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