“Customer Service 20/21. New Reality "! Short Course From An Expert FCG - Moda News

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“Customer Service 20/21. New Reality "! Short Course From An Expert FCG - Moda News
“Customer Service 20/21. New Reality "! Short Course From An Expert FCG - Moda News
Video: “Customer Service 20/21. New Reality "! Short Course From An Expert FCG - Moda News
Video: Customer Service Trends for 2021 2023, February

If you work in the service sector: retail, showrooms, boutiques, shops, beauty salons, hotels, medical and sports centers, then this course is for you. The new reality requires a qualitatively new level of customer service from the business. Online and offline sales are inextricably linked, which requires additional competencies from staff, and from managers a clear orientation in a rapidly changing environment! FCG has launched an online course that will help increase the average check, even during self-isolation!

The teacher of the course Elena Stolyarskaya is an expert at Fashion Consulting Group, a business coach with 10 years of experience working with leading companies in the market, specializing in service technologies in the fashion industry. Head of the School of Customer Service, developed and conducted training for employees of boutiques Tretyakovsky Proezda, Barvih Luxury Village, Trading House Moscow (TDM), TSUM, DLT (St. Petersburg). She worked with brands Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Loro Piana, Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Kiton, Tom Ford. Member of the Professional Association of Business Coaches.

The course consists of two parts with lessons. Each part can be purchased separately. But the most important thing is that the course remains available for 2 months after payment !

6 reasons why you need a customer service system today:

  1. Customers become as discerning and critical as possible. There are a million stores, everyone gives discounts, everyone makes delivery, everyone has polite chat bots. And if something is wrong, then customers write posts, complaints about you in social networks. To work in such an environment, one must always maintain good service.
  2. Buyers are ready not only to scold, but also to praise. But if a person just bought a good thing, he will praise this thing. And if, at the same time, he was excellently served, he will praise your store.
  3. The service becomes another channel for promoting your brand. It is not necessary to create a unique service, it is enough to create a modern human-centered service.
  4. Today, the quality of feedback is, first of all, a sincere desire to help. You can demand humanity from sellers day after day, or you can supply them with competent scripts in case the client needs a variety of assistance.
  5. By identifying existing gaps and gaps in service, you can create a customer journey that makes customers feel comfortable and easy. And every step of the buyer with all the nuances will be written into the instructions of the employees.
  6. The rules are being violated. And those who are proactive and executive need to be supported. For this, there is a traditional pool of management tools that allows you to control the implementation of standards. And there is no need to suffer losing good sellers.

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