Results Of The Business Session Prepared By FCG For S'elections Moscow 2020 - Moda News

Results Of The Business Session Prepared By FCG For S'elections Moscow 2020 - Moda News
Results Of The Business Session Prepared By FCG For S'elections Moscow 2020 - Moda News
Video: Results Of The Business Session Prepared By FCG For S'elections Moscow 2020 - Moda News
Video: Галина Кравченко, Влияние пандемии на fashion ассортимент. Деловая программа s'elections moscow 2020 2023, February

The international business platform of the fashion industry “s'elections Moscow 2020” was launched on September 16. In the New Fashion Hall Main Stage, a gallery of showrooms of fashion brands is presented until September 19. Among the participants of "s'elections moscow 2020" are permanent CPM exhibitors representing Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Russia and other countries, as well as companies presenting collections to buyers for the first time in the b2b showroom format.

A business program was also launched within the framework of "s'elections Moscow 2020". The first day of the session was organized by the consulting company Fashion Consulting Group. Among the experts were: Anush Gasparyan, FCG Commercial Director, Galina Kravchenko, FCG Assortment Department Director, Katerina Diveeva, SMM Specialist, Tamari Miminoshvili, FCG fashion e-commerce expert and Elena Stolyarskaya, Chief Service Specialist.

Anush Gasparyan noted in her speech that as a result of the pandemic and economic recession, a prolonged decline in consumer activity can be expected. When moods such as anxiety for health, anxiety for their economic situation, uncertainty about the future and fear of losing their jobs dominate in society, the desire to spend their money on new fashionable clothes and shoes is sharply reduced. During periods of instability, fashion products have the lowest priority among all non-food products, in which FMCG, pharmaceuticals, household goods and repairs are in the lead.

Thus, Gasparyan concluded, by the end of 2020, a radical reduction in the turnover of the retail fashion market can be predicted. And above all, this will affect the offline sales channel. According to the commercial director of FCG, as a result of the pandemic, the market can fall from 25% to 40%. This will largely depend on the situation in the second half of the year, because the 3rd and 4th sales quarters are very important for fashion, when the main sales of the autumn wardrobe are going on. Many companies have 2/3 of their turnover in the August-December season. Due to the Russian climate, warmer and more expensive clothes are sold during this period. Accordingly, the sales results will be most dependent on this season. Therefore, with a pessimistic forecast, the fashion market may decline by 40 +%, with an optimistic forecast - 20-25%.

Katerina Diveeva spoke about the trends in social networks that fashion brands should adopt. In the near future, video content will become the most popular and will dominate, and the popularity of ephemeral content (disappearing in a day) is also growing, she said. More brands will incorporate audience opinion into their strategies. Social media is a goldmine of data and ideas that companies can use to improve their social strategies. User generated content will continue to gain popularity. Nowadays, more and more often you can see user-generated content on a brand account, but this trend will continue to develop with renewed vigor. It is worth paying attention, according to the expert, to the fact that Generation Z prefers the Instagram platform, as well as TikTok and Snapchat.Entering the Tik Tok platform is key now.

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