WAKE UP CONFERENCE “Fashion Industry: Finding Balance Together” - Moda News

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WAKE UP CONFERENCE “Fashion Industry: Finding Balance Together” - Moda News
WAKE UP CONFERENCE “Fashion Industry: Finding Balance Together” - Moda News
Video: WAKE UP CONFERENCE “Fashion Industry: Finding Balance Together” - Moda News
Video: 3 creative ways to fix fashion's waste problem | Amit Kalra 2023, February

During the self-isolation that we carry out at home, it is important to maintain an atmosphere of calm and warmth. But at the same time, these “days on sofas” allow you to rationally collect information, comprehend the situation and make practical decisions: how to act today, during the period of self-isolation and what to plan for tomorrow.

Fashion Consulting Group, the leading consulting agency in the fashion industry, offers a format of professional dialogue - reasonable, logical, with respect and love for our fragile fashion industry. We reduce the emotional intensity “everything is gone”, meet like-minded people, look for solutions and switch to practical tasks.

We invite you to live FCG on Instagram with leading practitioners, leaders of fashion companies, innovators and visionaries of the Russian fashion business. Live broadcasts will be held every morning at 11.00 (weekday) in the format of open interviews and free exchange of views in search of operational strategies and practical solutions in the official FCG account https://www.instagram.com/fcgmedia/ The recording of past broadcasts can be viewed in the tab IGTV

Themes will be adapted to the needs of the audience, taking into account the daily development of the situation in the fashion industry:

Self-isolation period, what should a retailer do?

Buyer's behavior in and after self-isolation?

What happens to the consumption of the suite?

How to keep in touch with the buyer during the period of self-isolation?

What technologies will help keep the business?

What can and cannot be reduced?

Algorithms for operational transformations.

A way of making decisions in a situation of uncertainty.

Do you need advertising during a pandemic?

What will happen to fashion after the pandemic.

Store 2021.

We have already talked about the fact that sales promotion is not a discount, and STYLE pajamas are no longer a HIGH trend. Saved broadcasts can be viewed in the IGTV section.

Invited experts:

FCG, LaModa, BUTIK.RU, Solstudio, Van Laak, Crocs, Econika, VALTERA, Henderson, Sportmaster, Unicel, PVH, Sap, MediaNation, Bureau Betak, TSUM, Tsvetnoy Department Store.

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