Anastasia Ryazankina (Russian Fashion Roots): I Decided To Stake On My Own Production - Moda News

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Anastasia Ryazankina (Russian Fashion Roots): I Decided To Stake On My Own Production - Moda News
Anastasia Ryazankina (Russian Fashion Roots): I Decided To Stake On My Own Production - Moda News
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Today we decided to ask Anastasia Ryazankina about her business and brand. Anastasia has been retailing Russian clothing brands for many years, her stores served as examples of excellent taste and quality, but now Anastasia decided to focus on production under her own brand and left only a small showroom.

Tell us about the history of the name Russian Fashion Roots?

-The name itself is a symbiosis of design work. As a student at the British Higher School of Art and Design, my fellow students and I created projects, one of which formed the basis of the name of my business. The project was called Russian Roots. Later, I took this name, slightly supplementing it, and this is how the Russian Fashion Roots brand appeared.

What was the concept of your stores and how did it transform?

- Initially, the idea of ​​the project was to popularize, promote and sell Russian designers in my stores. I started in 2012, the idea was new, my own loyal audience quickly formed, stylists also fell in love with my stores, it's convenient when you can find so many different and original things and accessories in one place. The first store was in Lotte Plaza on Smolenka (over 100 m2), then in Fashion Season (200 m2) and in the Kievsky shopping center (150 m2). But today, in my opinion, the concept of large areas is becoming obsolete, it is being replaced by e-com.

I decided to move towards these changes. There is a lot of work ahead and you have to rebuild the business. Actually, as if nothing had happened. In addition, I decided to stake on my own production and my own commercial projects, which are implemented through e-com. However, I still left the point of interaction with the consumer - this is a showroom on Kitay-Gorod. The place where buyers, clients and stylists come.

How did you come to the idea of ​​creating your own brand?

-The idea of ​​my own brand was born as a result of my many years of work with designers. I started a business that sold designer items. This is a tricky segment in and of itself. But our thoughtful presentation paid off, we reached a good level at which even the most complex and “confused” brands were sold. During this period, I studied the demand in this segment well, it became clear to me what kind of supply was missing, while there was a demand for it. At some point, I just started trying to make clothes myself. I had a flair and taste, and later I got experience in production. And I am also very pedantic in the matter of quality, I am sure there will be many women who will be pleased with this.

Do you personally develop models?

-Yes of course. I do not exclude that in the future I will select a staff of designers. There should be growth, well-built progress and building. But I can definitely say that control will remain with me and the production manager (who is also a technologist).

Maybe you started manufacturing because trading is a bit boring business?

-I believe that business, in principle, cannot be boring. Business in Russia is always about risks, adrenaline, miscalculation and pain. It is never boring. Opening a store is pure entertainment! Most businessmen shift the management of processes to others, delegate, and as a result, they lose real control. I have to not only control, but also do a lot on my own.

Tell us about your target audience?

-Who is our customer - a woman from 25 years old, who pretentiously and very carefully selects a wardrobe. She needs a simple, laconic thing, but with an application for success in all matters.

Practicality and convenience are her main values ​​in her relationship with fashion.

Our woman, of course, prefers classic universal colors. And for her, a cut is a severity in silhouettes, if things are for the office or official events, and a slight beautiful negligence is allowed if it comes to the zone of life comfort and everyday life.

How do you see the future development of your brand? And how do you see the future of fashion in general?

-Fashion is more and more shocking and expanding the framework, giving us more courage and space for creativity. Given the multidirectional trends and the speed of changes in fashion, I do not make long-term forecasts yet. I still have pretty short-term plans. The main thing in my business is to keep my finger on the pulse and listen to women. They will tell you what they want anyway.

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