Trendy Breakfast At The "Special Place" Restaurant - Moda News

Trendy Breakfast At The "Special Place" Restaurant - Moda News
Trendy Breakfast At The "Special Place" Restaurant - Moda News
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The traditional Trendy breakfast was held on Saturday 22 December. At the invitation of Anton Alfer (Fashion network MODA.RF), colleagues, journalists and designers gathered on Saturday morning in the new restaurant "Special Place" in the Patriarch's Ponds area to share news and summarize the outgoing year. The “special place” was not chosen by chance: children and dogs are always welcome there, unique tabletops attract attention, and cheese cakes and pancakes promise to become legendary.

One of the discussed events was the last exhibition "Fashion as a tool for broadcasting the Russian cultural code", which presented exhibits from the private collections of the collector Vladlena Grinblatt and the heiress of the Gandurin dynasty Olga Grishina. The guests also shared their views on the symbols of the Russian cultural code, and discussed the world trend of the season for prints in Cyrillic.

At breakfast, everyone could try on decorations in the form of traditional Russian festive headdresses, the so-called kokoshniks. The kokoshnik, as a symbol of Russia, was again talked about after the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Modern jewelry is made using traditional technologies and embroidered with pearls and semiprecious stones. It is easy to make sure that a well-made kokoshnik does not look archaic.

The guests of the Fashion Breakfast agreed that the tradition of dressing in national costumes, for example, on the Day of Russia, could become a “broadcast of the Russian cultural code”. There are about 190 nationalities living in our country. Such a tradition will turn one day of the year into a real vibrant festival, like the Purim in Israel, which is of great importance for the upbringing of the younger generation.

This time Fashion Breakfast was visited by: Evgenia Alfer (MODA.RU), Luda Nikishina (designer), Katya Stern (Atelier magazine), Alexander Ermakov (fashion photographer), Alisa Tolkacheva (designer, blogger), Valentina Kuznetsova (RIA-fashion), Ilya Tikhonov (MOD24 / 7), Irina Karimova (FashionEducation), Alexander Lareks (Fashion Collection) and others.

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