Exhibition "Fashion As A Tool For Translating The Russian Cultural Code" - Moda News

Exhibition "Fashion As A Tool For Translating The Russian Cultural Code" - Moda News
Exhibition "Fashion As A Tool For Translating The Russian Cultural Code" - Moda News
Video: Exhibition "Fashion As A Tool For Translating The Russian Cultural Code" - Moda News

From 19 to 22 December in the exhibition hall of the Library named after N.A. Dobrolyubov on Smolenskaya Square hosted an exhibition of traditional female Russian costume and jewelry from private collections, timed to coincide with the 170th anniversary of the library.

“Fashion is a reflection of society, at the same time, it is an instrument of influence on society. Much is now being said about the cultural code and the search for identity. We have traditions dating back to the depths of centuries and the richest cultural heritage. Fashion is a tool for transmitting the cultural code, and I am sure that the fashion industry needs more attention from the state”. - Anton Alfer, President of the Fashion chain FASHION.RF.

The exhibition presented old samples of clothing from the Russian north: sundresses, shirts, kokoshniks and other headdresses and ornaments, as well as modern costumes, festive hats (so-called Kokoshniks), jewelry - exact replicas and made based on traditional and modern technologies … Vintage sundresses and jewelry looked incredibly organic on the exquisite Royal Dress Forms tailor's mannequins. The exposition also includes old authentic items of peasant life, intended for the manufacture and maintenance of clothing. The exhibits belong to the collector Vladlena Greenblatt.

For the first time, a unique collection of watercolor sketches of folk costumes from a private collection, created by the artist Alexandra Nikolaevna Gandurina, was exhibited. The dynasty of textile industrialists of the Gandurins was not interrupted by the revolution, as happened with many famous families of manufacturers. The creativity and experience of working with textile patterns was realized in the work of Alexandra Nikolaevna, the granddaughter of the owner of the factory "Anton Gandurin with Brothers".

In the middle of the last century, an expedition was undertaken to remote areas, later on, sketches were used to create collections of drawings on fabrics with ancient Russian motifs. The collection of drawings belongs to the granddaughter of A.N. Gandurina Olga Grishina, who is engaged in the revival of the textile traditions of her ancestors.

“The exhibition, despite its seeming simplicity and small size, captivates with its warmth and care for our memory. In memory of our ancestors, who form the cultural heritage of rich pre-revolutionary Russia, the understanding and sensory touch of which is extremely necessary today. And the broadcast of Russian history at the turn of the century through the history of the family of Ivanovo factory owners Gandurins is the dominant feature of the exhibition, which must receive a worthy continuation,”noted Evgeny Vladimirovich Rumyantsev, I.O. rector of the Ivanovo State Polytechnic University.

Vyacheslav Fomin, curator of the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics (Higher School of Economics) provided for the exhibition three jewelry in the form of kokoshniks, which were made by students of the School of Design faculty.

During the exhibition, events were held on the following topics:

  1. Seminar "The phenomenon of the Russian kokoshnik or the ancient NLP of our ancestors";
  2. Lecture "Five centuries of the Gandurin textile dynasty";
  3. Seminar "Russian costume in ceremonies and rituals that you did not know about!";
  4. Master class "Creating clothes and jewelry in the Russian style - a thin line between trend and" cranberry ";
  5. Round table "Spiritual, moral and patriotic education of youth, revival of true life meanings and culture of the nation through the study of the history of the creation of traditional folk costumes."

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