Build A Complete Look With St-James - All_about_parties

Build A Complete Look With St-James - All_about_parties
Build A Complete Look With St-James - All_about_parties
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The multi-brand St-James project is aimed at those who appreciate the verified style and absolute quality in menswear. The concept of a boutique implies an interest in things that are perfect in their perfection: the pedantry and nobility of the costume are the basis of our philosophy. Awareness of the intricacies of the formation of a man's wardrobe determines the attitude towards things. St-James considers scrupulousness and precision as the main principles of men's wardrobe, regardless of whether it is about formal or casual brands.

The main feature of the boutique is maintaining a balanced balance between classic and casual brands. The store offers clothes of varying degrees of formality, but one way or another subordinated to the idea of ​​restrained impeccable style.

The boutique makes it possible to form a complete wardrobe in one visit.

The entire assortment of men's clothing from underwear and accessories to business suits and outerwear is collected here. Elegant shirts and delicate cashmere sweaters, textured jeans and classic jackets - these different things perfectly complement each other due to the unity of ideology. Experienced sales consultants will help you choose the right clothes for different life situations.

St-James boutiques offer the finest accessories for connoisseurs and connoisseurs: Schedoni duffel bags, Fox Umbrellas royal umbrellas and walking sticks, Borsalino hats and winter hats, premium Serapian Milano briefcases and impeccable Tramontano bags, as well as Salvatore Ferragamo wallets and business card holders. Selective perfumes Bois 1920 and Frapin, cufflinks and watches from the jewelry and watch house, the oldest inhabitant of the Place Vendome, Chaumet, allow you to complete the look.

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