XVI International Exhibition Of Jewelry And Watch Brands "JUNWEX Moscow 2020" - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things

XVI International Exhibition Of Jewelry And Watch Brands "JUNWEX Moscow 2020" - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things
XVI International Exhibition Of Jewelry And Watch Brands "JUNWEX Moscow 2020" - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things

Video: XVI International Exhibition Of Jewelry And Watch Brands "JUNWEX Moscow 2020" - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things

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Every September tens of thousands of visitors from all over Russia come to VDNKh. These are representatives of the professional community (for example, in September 2019, about 16 thousand business contacts were recorded) and visitors who follow trends in jewelry and watch fashion, who want to be the first not only to see new items, but also to buy by making a fashionable purchase and at the same time making an investment. (last year the exhibition was attended by about 38 thousand people).

It is no secret that items made of gold and precious stones increase in price from year to year. Despite the fact that the historical maximum value in euros and in rubles has already been passed, the director of the Russian Jewelers Guild Eduard Utkin predicts a rise in the price of gold jewelry by 30%. Moreover, it does not rule out the renewal of the record price of gold to two thousand dollars per troy ounce (31.1 grams). Olga Budnaya, General Director of the JUNWEX Moscow exhibition, continues the theme: “Historically, gold has gained a reputation as a 'safe haven' for capital, and many of our regular visitors to the exhibition invest in this very place. If we compare the profitability of two investment instruments - gold and dollars, then in 2008 the price per gram of gold was 821.8 rubles, and 30 rubles were given for the dollar. In August 2020, the price of gold became 2600 rubles per gram,and the exchange rate for every dollar rose to 75 rubles. By simple calculations, one can come to the following conclusion: the amount invested in the purchase of a gold product increased by 3.16 times, and in the case of currency - by only 2.55”. Such an increase in the profitability of jewelry purchases is, without a doubt, an excellent investment vehicle.

In September, visitors to the JUNWEX Moscow exhibition should take a closer look at companies that confidently hold the lead in the production of gold products, such as the jewelry factories Sanis (St. Petersburg), Krastsvetmet (Krasnoyarsk), Delta (Kostroma), EFREMOV, Belgorod Jewelry Factory "Karat", Alkor (Kostroma), "Alfa-Karat" (St. Petersburg), Krasnoselsky Jewelry Industry, "Talant" (St. Petersburg). In the "Premium" hall new collections and works of authorship will be presented by the following companies: Chamovskikh JH (Yekaterinburg), Master Brilliant (Kostroma), Diamonds of Kostroma, Ringo (Moscow), Sarkissian (Moscow) and Maxim Demidov (Moscow), which are deservedly considered the core of the jewelry market and enjoy great confidence of buyers

A rich program awaits visitors: a historical exposition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the World Industrial Exhibition in Paris, the triumph of Russian jewelers at it, the awarding of the winners of the Modern Jewelry Dynasties competition. On September 24, 2020, a youth forum “Jewelry, entrepreneurship, culture, science, art” will be held in the conference hall of Pavilion 57. The program includes: three main blocks of reports and lectures, an exposition of jewelry works by students and graduates of professional educational institutions. The moderator of the forum is Galina Ananyina, President of the Jewelry Development Fund.

In connection with the anniversary celebrations, the list of nominations for the All-Russian competition of jewelers "The Best Jewelry of Russia" has been expanded. For the 190th anniversary of the founder of the Russian jewelry school Pavel Ovchinnikov, the nomination "In the Mirror of Russian Traditions" has been added, a tribute to modern fashion is expressed in the nomination for contemporary design and a variety of materials. All participants of the exhibition can apply for the competition, but the high expert jury - leading researchers and art historians of the State Hermitage, the museums of the Moscow Kremlin and the Russian Ethnographic Museum - will select products from only 50 representatives. It is also envisaged that participants will be awarded the Grand Prix. This award is presented on special occasions, which emphasizes the high status of the competition itself, as well as the importance and prestige of participation in it.The 16th international exhibition of jewelry and watch brands "JUNWEX Moscow" can rightfully be called the most anticipated event of the Moscow business autumn 2020.

Address | Opening hours | VDNKh ticket prices.

Pavilions 55 and 57. Prospect Mira, 119, p. 55 and p. 57

September 23-26: 11:00 - 20:00 September 27: 11:00 - 17:00

September 23 at 13:00 - grand opening of the exhibition

September 24 from 11:00 to 17:00 - youth forum "Jewelry, entrepreneurship, culture, science, art".

September 26 at 17:00 - awards ceremony for the winners of the All-Russian competition "The Best Jewelry of Russia"

Entrance to all events of the exhibition with admission tickets.

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