Mrs. Russia Visited The Sofia Decor Workshop, Where Royal Interiors Are Born - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things

Mrs. Russia Visited The Sofia Decor Workshop, Where Royal Interiors Are Born - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things
Mrs. Russia Visited The Sofia Decor Workshop, Where Royal Interiors Are Born - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things
Video: Mrs. Russia Visited The Sofia Decor Workshop, Where Royal Interiors Are Born - In The World Of Design And Beautiful Things
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Anna Telegina, bearer of the Mrs. Russia 2018 crown made of Khokhloma gold with Swarovski stones, got acquainted with the secrets of creating modern royal interiors by the Sofia Decor company. The architecture and production company recreates the luxurious decor of French palace interiors. Like any woman, the queen of beauty is no stranger to the desire to form a comfortable and cozy space for her family, to decorate the interior with love and taste.

During her visit to the production facility, the First Mrs. learned a lot of interesting things about interior design. General Director of the company Alexander Evdokimov gave Anna a personal tour of the production facility. Here, based on the originals of the castles of the 17th-18th centuries, including the Louvre, Versailles, Chantilly, Fontainebleau, unique finishes are created - wood carved panels boiserie (fr. times thanks to the masters of French schools. Therefore, the masters of "Sofia Decor" undergo compulsory training in France, the homeland of this art.

The guest of honor was convinced of the skill of the company's specialists with her own eyes - she admired the decor of the door from the apartment of Napoleon III, recreated from a photograph, the door panel of the Bourbon castle in Chantilly with recognizable lilies, a sample following the example of the original Boiserie from the ShangriL hotel in Paris. The latter, by the way, attracted the attention of the Prince of Qatar to the company's products at the IndexDubai 2018 international exhibition of furniture and interior design (UAE).

Alla Markina, organizer of the Mrs. Moscow 2018 contest, was delighted with the interior elements of the Marquise de Pompadour era and admitted that she secretly adores this historical person and her style.

Anna herself liked the boiserie samples for the children's room with delicate floral carvings in delicate pastel colors. “Of course, in an interior with such an exquisite design, any girl will feel like a princess! And "for growth" boys will fit strict panels that adorn men's offices with libraries,”noted our heroine, who is raising two boys. “If my guys were here, in the workshop, they would definitely want to try to make such a carving, it is so inspiring and exciting!”

“Indeed, the process is extremely exciting,” answered Anna Alexander Evdokimov, the author of the idea to develop boiserie in Russia based on the originals of palace finishes. “At the same time, it is painstaking, thoughtful work, which can only be done by truly talented people with skillful hands. To create such things, masters study for five years!"

Alexander spoke in detail about the process of painstaking work on this beautiful decor. First, the specialists of Sofia Decor are engaged in the artistic development of products: they scan the finished carving or draw their own patterns, then the resulting decor is molded in plasticine or electronically modeled, after which the sample is cast on a 3D printer or milled on machines. But the most important stage of work is performed by carvers who manually modify the smallest elements.

“Many people strive to create boiserie, but almost everyone uses modern paints and varnishes and overhead elements for this, because it is quick, convenient and economical,” stressed Alexander. “We are recreating finishes in terms of form and artistic value, trying not to change it.”

The company's craftsmen use not only original technologies, but also the same materials that were used in decorating the boiserie of French palaces and in their restoration: for example, absolutely natural clay paints and adhesives of animal origin. This is fully consistent with the current environmental friendliness trend and is highly appreciated by wealthy clients.

Previously, demanding customers could order such carved panels from two or three French companies, but the cost of their products and work is about 2.5 times higher. Therefore, the boiserie "Sofia Decor" not only decorates the interiors of the palace level, but also successfully performs the function of import substitution, offering the Russian client a worthy version of works of high world art. They have reached such a high level of skill that the company's work is becoming a worthy replacement for foreign counterparts.

“I am simply amazed that our Russian masters make such works,” Anna admits sincerely. “Now you can truly be proud not only of our ballet and space, but also of the art of creating interiors!”

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