Moscow Has Chosen "Miss Federation 2017" - Fashion And Creativity

Moscow Has Chosen "Miss Federation 2017" - Fashion And Creativity
Moscow Has Chosen "Miss Federation 2017" - Fashion And Creativity

Video: Moscow Has Chosen "Miss Federation 2017" - Fashion And Creativity

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Last Saturday, the Fashion Season TG in Moscow hosted the final of the Miss Federation 2017 international beauty contest from the Irbis MediGroup PR agency. For the first time in the history of beauty contests - all the finalists became queens, everyone got the magnificent crowns of the jeweler Alena Belitova, holiday ribbons and various nominations and prizes from partners! But, naturally, you come to any competition with the thought of winning. Despite the fact that the jury determines the nominations for everyone, the girls have made every effort to prove that they are worthy of the main crown and ribbon.

The finale show was held in three stages: acquaintance and defile, homework and erudition. And, of course, the second stage is the most spectacular. The girls prepared their numbers for a long time and really surprised everyone. Poems, beautiful cover versions of hits, songs of their own composition sounded on the stage. Contestant number 2 Natalya Keshenkova demonstrated outstanding martial arts skills. Another heroine, Alexandra Avramenko, remembering the winner of the last season, Natalia Gorbacheva and her pancakes with caviar, treated the jury with lovingly prepared cupcakes.

Many girls ended up with golden hands and demonstrated the artistic facets of talent in the form of their own paintings, and the contestant Anna Dovgalyuk presented an icon of the Kazan Mother of God embroidered with beads.

Whether with God's help or by lucky luck, at the stage of erudition, the girls proved that they are not only beauties, but also clever. Only two small hesitations in answering the jury's questions could be attributed to intense excitement. Do you immediately remember the full name of the singer Madonna? All the answers were correct, and the choice was not easy for the jury.

The jury of the competition includes representatives of show business, the Retroville group, and a star plastic surgeon. Yes, it was the plastic surgeon Maxim Nesterenko who had the decisive vote in the competition, because who, if not he, understands true beauty!

The final ceremony culminated in the awarding ceremony for the participants. The girls received so many gifts that it was impossible to carry them away. One of the most expensive prizes this year was a luxurious crown-shaped diamond ring made especially for the winner of Miss Federation Ivanovsky Jewelry Workshop. Thus, the winner of the competition received two crowns at once.

Not without drama and tears. The fact is that on the eve of the final one of the finalists, the beautiful Elena, was thrown by a young man with whom she was preparing her act. And, of course, it was extremely difficult for her to get together with a broken heart, she even wanted to refuse to participate, but in the end she got together and, in spite of him, took one of the prizes. And, by the way, later, having learned about this "little death" from the hosts, a surprise awaited her at the very climax before the awarding ceremony. A new admirer presented her with a huge bouquet of roses, which the fragile girl could not lift.

And the prizes were taken by: Anna Dovgalyuk (St. Petersburg) - Miss Federation 2017, Elena Abrosimova (Minsk) - Grand Prix Miss Federation, Alisa Kotelnikova (Moscow) - Vice-Miss Federation, Sofya Soboleva (St. Petersburg) - 2- I am Vice-Miss Federation, 3rd Vice-Miss Federation Elena Burchak (Klintsy, Bryansk region).

As we remember, the competition differs in that all girls receive nominations. Among other nominations: Miss Fashion - Svetlana Dance, Miss Luxury - Yulia Sadovskaya, Miss Federation Breakthrough of the Year - Natalia Roz, Miss Federation Charm - Natalia Keshenkova, Miss Federation Model of the Year - Irina Silchenkova, Miss Federation Girl of the Year - Alexandra Avramenko, The presenters Ivan Irbis and Ekaterina Kuzmina created a festive atmosphere, show and an unforgettable evening for all the participants. It should also be noted the special warmth from the spectators who support the girls. We can safely say that the holiday was a success, and I want to see it again next year at Miss Federation 2018.

Official partners of the competition: Peroni honey souffle, Starwind brand hair dryers, Hydrop nano-gifts for shoes, Naariyal coconut oil, Ochkov Ostrov optics stores, Vengo Flowers bouquet delivery studio, makeup artist Irina Ryd, Chicago beauty salon, Icon Lab aesthetic medicine center, Hollywood Nail Studio, Nebo Wellness Club, Anna Belis's modeling agency, Alena Belitova's handmade crowns, Ivanovsky jewelry brand, Ballare magazine.

General information partner: glossy magazine Megapolis Time.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Photo: NoeliBayr, Maxim Popov, Elena Loginova

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