New Fashion Designer Milena Ollengrain Wins Miss Federation 2020 - Fashion And Creativity

New Fashion Designer Milena Ollengrain Wins Miss Federation 2020 - Fashion And Creativity
New Fashion Designer Milena Ollengrain Wins Miss Federation 2020 - Fashion And Creativity
Video: New Fashion Designer Milena Ollengrain Wins Miss Federation 2020 - Fashion And Creativity
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At the last V-th final of the sensational project "Miss Federation", a participant with Ukrainian roots, Milena Ollengrain, impressed the jury with a prepared show of clothes of her own brand - and won the main crown.

The competition was held in the House of Celebrations "Sovereign", according to regular spectators, became the brightest show in the history of the competition. Despite the well-known format of the project - titles and crowns for all participants - at the "homework" stage, the battle for the main prize flared up in earnest. The girls prepared incredibly long and hard. They learned songs, wrote poetry, put on a real dance show, and Milena spent several months preparing a collection of clothes.

The winner was born in Odessa, received 2 higher educations (RUDN University, Institute of World Economy and Business), has been engaged in a modeling career for more than 5 years and managed to take part in many events, photo shoots and shows. It was thanks to her fashion activity that the bright blonde discovered her talent as a fashion designer.

“I went to the catwalk many times, trying on various looks and outfits, showing them to the viewer who came for the sake of vivid emotions against the background of the multifaceted palette of the modeling industry. But soon the understanding came: it’s not enough for me to be a part of someone’s show, I want to create fashion myself Modeling only enriched me, giving me good experience and further pushed me to create my own brand of women's clothing. " - Milena tells about herself.

The presented cruise collection on the project is made in black and white, and a blue-green dress became a bright trump card. Any show depends not only on the designer, but also on the models, make-up artists and stylists, so the participant was noticeably worried, but everything went well: the audience accepted the laconic, but noticeable and elegant bows from the new brand with a bang. The collection is beautiful for its completeness. In the presented bows, you can go on a cruise, for a walk, a concert or a date at a restaurant, and everywhere the girl from Ollengreyn will look spectacular and appropriate.

Miss Milana Ollengrain Federation
Miss Milana Ollengrain Federation

Miss Federation 2020 is passionate about not only the fashion industry, but also active sports: fitness, swimming, rafting, kayaking, ice skating and skiing. The girl keeps herself in great shape and herself also appeared on the podium in one of her own "bows".

The honorary jury, which included Violetta Mamunts (owner of the Global Dent dental clinic), Natalya Bond (owner of the Profi Hunt "Best Tour Agency of the Year" and the chairman of the jury, TV and radio presenter Asya Pugacheva, issued their decisions and a gold ribbon and the crown went to the fragile shoulders of Milena.

Another main title of the Miss Federation 2020 Grand Prix project also belongs to fashion-figure - Christina Dukhina, model and founder of her own modeling agency in Krasnodar. The title "Vice-Miss Federation 2020 " went to Alexandra Brusentsova from the city of Goragorsk (Chechen Republic), who gave her career preference to the musical Olympus.

In addition to the "homework", the girls demonstrated the art of fashion shows and flashed their erudition. As prizes, the finalists received sets of cosmetics, vitamins for beauty and health, certificates for a trip to the Maldives, dental procedures, investments for trading on the stock exchange using artificial intelligence, cosmetic bags, jewelry and, according to the tradition of the project, publications in the media and information support. By tradition, no one left without prizes.

The final chord of the evening was a festive cake, which was brought out for all the finalists by the hosts of the project - Ivan Irbis and Yulia Zuban.

After the final fanfare, the girls were expected to receive interviews and photo sessions from correspondents.

Official partners of Miss Federation 2020: Neutrale cosmetics, Artificial Intelligence Investment Agency, OmegDerm selective cosmetics line, Merz vitamins, Vittal law firm, Globaldent dentistry, Marina Budnik, Profi Hunt Travel, designer-jeweler Mikhail Malyavko, designer Roza Minosyan.

Media partners: magazines Megapolis Time, PROmovement, ModTopical, Prime One, Ballare, Esque, Trend's People, Night2day, and portals

Photo: Sergey Davidyuk, Alexey Meshkov

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