An Aspiring Fashion Designer From A Boarding School Wins A Children's Beauty Contest - Fashion And Creativity

An Aspiring Fashion Designer From A Boarding School Wins A Children's Beauty Contest - Fashion And Creativity
An Aspiring Fashion Designer From A Boarding School Wins A Children's Beauty Contest - Fashion And Creativity
Video: An Aspiring Fashion Designer From A Boarding School Wins A Children's Beauty Contest - Fashion And Creativity
Video: Creativity For Kids Designed By you Fashion studio 2023, February

On the last day of autumn in Moscow in the TG “Fashion Season” a very special contest was held - “Miss Federation KIDS” - a special project from the organizers of the beauty contest “Miss Federation”. This is the first competition in Russia, and possibly in the world, with the ultimate goal of showing that every child is special.

The competition can also be called ethical for two reasons. The first reason is that there were no losers in the competition, there were no tears from defeat. Children got the opportunity to express their individuality, which was appreciated. Each received titles and crowns. The second reason is that the project involved children with developmental disabilities along with completely healthy children. But contrary to the expectations of the audience, the children were taught the lesson of fighting for their dream no matter what.

The organizers of Irbis MediGroup organized the first ball for children, where girls became princesses and boys became princes. Yes, you heard right. Boys also took part in the project. This project is not a beauty contest in the conventional sense, but a talent contest and an opportunity to declare to the world about important life values, such as, for example, children with developmental delays, children whom some parents may refuse, with the proper approach, can break patterns and achieve certain successes.

The large Boganyuk-Kollavini family brings up 10 children, 5 of whom are adopted, and all the children under guardianship are “sunbeams”. This is the name given to kids with Down Syndrome. And 4 "sunny girls" took part in the competition. Many viewers were surprised how talented and capable they are if they grow up in love and care. They do mental math and are good at drawing, dancing, and more.

But despite the previously known format of the competition with prizes for everyone, uncertainty reigned in the hall. Nobody knew how the jury would distribute the titles and which of the participants would receive the main ribbon and crown.

During the three stages of the competition, the participants had to demonstrate their maximum capabilities. The first stage is a business card or acquaintance, the second is homework and the third is erudition. And the children tried to perform 100% as worthy as possible. They prepared the best drawings, sewed costumes and props for dancing, learned poetry, in a word, approached their first ball responsibly. Therefore, all viewers enjoyed the show from little princesses and princes.

The honorary jury included: partners of the project and representatives of the "Give Sunshine" charity fund - Saniyam Koval and Sabira Ilieva, as well as the 9-time Titled Queen of Beauty, Ambassador of Beauty and Queen Peacemaker Olga Miller.

We must pay tribute to the hosts, Ivan Irbis and Yulia Zuban, who coped with a very difficult task, showed sensitivity and delicacy to each child.

The evening ended with a solemn coronation. Olga Miller, one of the jury members, became the crowned person. Along with ribbons and crowns, children also received: sets of pencils for drawing, New Year's toys, hypoallergenic creams, numerous accessories and hair ornaments, holiday straps and much more. And the three lucky ones got the opportunity to relax at a recreation center near Moscow. Plates based on children's drawings from the Romanova & Children brand became a special gift for children.

The winner of the project is Karina Aleksandrova, a 12-year-old student of correctional school # 830. Karina not only demonstrated a touching dance in a costume that she made and put on herself, but also showed her tailored collection of clothes, interior items and accessories. She also boldly answered questions on erudition. In short, the jury unanimously chose her "Miss Kids Federation". Young Miss Federation loves her friends very much, for whom she loves making hand-made gifts.

The 11th Artem Koval became "Mr. Federation", a boy born at an early age, born 20 years ago, he would have been doomed, but today everything is different, and such children are nursed and they become independent, they study well, which the boy demonstrated … Since the age of 3, he has been speaking English, playing sports, reading poetry perfectly, regularly participating in charity festivals, including recently performing at Manezhnaya Square. Artyom dreams of a safe world, where everyone will live comfortably, without wars and disasters, and so that there are not so many lessons.


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