Actress Teona Dolnikova Tried On An Unusual Image For Herself - Fashion And Creativity

Actress Teona Dolnikova Tried On An Unusual Image For Herself - Fashion And Creativity
Actress Teona Dolnikova Tried On An Unusual Image For Herself - Fashion And Creativity

Last month, the popular theater and film actress, musical star Teona Dolnikova, who is currently playing the role of Pear in the rock opera "Karamazovs", took part in an unusual photo project - TREND ON ECO-BOHO.

Shooting a project like this in winter is incredibly difficult. Due to the weather conditions, it had been going for several weeks. To create the right atmosphere, New York photographer Anna DeLuna, who came up with the idea of ​​shooting for Teona in eco-style, brought natural hay, boards, flowers, firewood and canvas fabrics to an ordinary photo studio. It was very difficult to get many of the decor elements. Decorator Natalya Pauk "nurtured" trees and other plants. A large team of decorators, stylists and makeup artists worked for the apparent simplicity and lightness of the created image. Their task was not just to create naturalness - one of the main trends of this spring - but to bring notes of magic and understatement to Teona's photo-porters.

"Understatement and pauses always attract our attention more than words. A silent inner monologue is what always arouses the viewer's interest. In acting, this is one of the most important skills of artists, thanks to which the viewer ultimately believes in what is happening on scene or movie. Theona is a very bright and beautiful actress, it would be easy for me to show her simply beautiful, in this shooting it was important to emphasize her incredible depth of soul, her touching and unconditional talent hidden behind the resulting image. the viewer accidentally sees the photo, it would have stopped him with its loud silence " - the photographer explains the idea.

And this attractive understatement has turned out. The photo project somehow reminded us of the "Ordinary Miracle". One of the most powerful films of Soviet cinema, the events of which unfold against the background of seemingly simple scenery, costumes, and all the viewer's attention was on the actors' play. Teona herself was incredibly inspired by the new style and shared her impressions on her Instagram - "I'm happy. Now I love eco-boho."

We were also very inspired by this idea, so we quickly go for oversized jackets and get our perennial sneakers to be the most stylish for the upcoming fashion week. After all, eco-boho is more than a trend. This is an ordinary miracle.

Photographer and Photo Producer: Anna DeLuna, make-up artist: Lilia Filippova, stylists: Svetlana Belyaeva and Svetlana Danilova, decorator: Natalia Pauk.

Text: Ekaterina Kuznetsova

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