3rd Miss Federation Awards Ceremony - Fashion And Creativity

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3rd Miss Federation Awards Ceremony - Fashion And Creativity
3rd Miss Federation Awards Ceremony - Fashion And Creativity
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Miss Federation 2018

On April 19, ten bright participants will compete for the main title and crown of the III International Beauty Contest "Miss Federation".

According to the founder, Ivan Irbis, this competition is a project for the soul, he just loves to give girls a fairy tale and present them with gifts. The main feature of the project is that all the participants receive certain titles, so that, in fact, there are no losers in it, and, therefore, offended and upset beauties who give all their strength to perform in the finals. It is really, unusual to see all the girls in handmade crowns from designer Alena Belitova.

Among the gifts for all beauties, the organizers and partners of the Miss Federation prepared: care and decorative cosmetics, certificates for the services of cosmetologists, beauty salons, fitness and yoga subscriptions, premium optics, cruise tickets and even handmade jewelry toys. One of the more unusual gifts will definitely be the opportunity to take a DNA test and learn about your genes that made the participants so beautiful.

Also, all the finalists have a chance to win some of the largest prizes for career development: luxury photo shoots, spreads in magazines, promotion contracts, participation in music videos, an expensive diamond ring.

The final of the competition will take place at the Fashion Season Hotel Four Seasons shopping gallery. The organizers and founders of the competition, the PR-agency Irbis MediGroup, have chosen this site in the heart of our capital for the second time. The final of the last season was so bright and unforgettable! Last year, perhaps for the first time in the history of beauty contests, 2 first places were chosen! The judges could not choose from the two outstanding participants who performed better: in the end, the main prizes were shared by Anna Dovgalyuk “Miss Federation” and Elena Abrosimova “Grand Prix Miss Federation”.

Despite such a loyal format of the competition, nevertheless, the desire to receive the main prize is above all. Who will win this season? We will find out about this on April 19, after the performance of all the participants in 3 stages of the show: acquaintance and defile, homework and erudition. The finalists are very worried and rehearse for many hours to amaze the jury and the audience.

Viewers can support the participants until 18.04 by sending their vote for the girl they like, whose profiles can be seen on the missfederation.ru website of the contest. Votes will definitely be taken into account by the jury.

The organizers leave the intrigue without giving the names of the jury. But they guarantee that regardless of the weather outside the window, there will be heat on the red carpet of the Fashion Season!

Leaders of the evening: Anna Kalashnikova and Katya Kuzmina

Official partners of the competition: author's handmade hares Piglette, French cosmetic brand Vivienne Sabo, vitamin complexes for beauty and health Balance Drink, fitness club Universe, optics salon Pensne Optic, communication agency PR Walk, tickets to a business forum from the Synergy business school, Divini plastic surgery and cosmetology clinic, Didius Design design studio, Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla, Patriki Club yoga club, Israeli jewelry brand Ivanovsky, Ann Belis Model Management model agency, Artem Serov's acting studio at the Taganka Theater, lifting cream for the Busten bust, GenLife genetic laboratory, Fashion Season shopping gallery.

Media partners: GQ Miami Magazine, Federal Gazette 24, photo portals: Night 2 day, Raskachaem, Nightout, Geometri. About online media: Intermod, Forsmi, Fashion Designer, RiaModa, thefabrik. medi, fashiondigest, sindiquat. ru, Modnay. ru, webground. su, mod. ru, vip - star, publishernews, businesscom. ru, askwoman. ru, citycelebrity, paparazzi. ru, Your Center, artmoskovi. Glossy magazines: Silver magazine, Esque, Prime One, Ballare, Fashion Life, channels: Yu, Muz - tv.

The competition is held with the informational support of the glossy magazine Megapolis Time

Address: Okhotny Ryad, 2 Gathering of guests: 19:30

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