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Fashion Battle - Autumn - Fashion And Creativity
Fashion Battle - Autumn - Fashion And Creativity
Video: Fashion Battle - Autumn - Fashion And Creativity
Video: Fashion Battle - Autumn 2017 (Moscow, 5 oct) 2023, February

The casting of participants for the new season of the Fashion Battle project from the Irbis MediGroup agency has ended in Moscow. On October 5, fans will see the updated, unusual format of the show, which will be held again in the Fashion Season TG. The organizers are still keeping the program of the issue a secret, but it is already known that the main prize of the current battle will be participation in the 5th season of Krasnodar Fashion Week with the opportunity present up to 20 bows on the catwalk along with famous Russian designers

Krasnodar Fashion Week is getting louder and brighter every year. And we will definitely tell you about the participation of the future winner of the project in this most important fashion event in the South of Russia.

And this time, the following will compete for the cup: AnastasiNadyktova brand, designer Roza Minosyan (RM Brand), Polavenue atelier, LipinskayBrand clothing store, designer Victoria Chertina.

In addition to the certificate for participation in KFW, the Fashion Battle winner will receive a promotion contract from the marketing agency Cleverr for the amount of 100,000 rubles, magazine spreads, shooting in the 2018 calendar, cooperation with a modeling agency, publications in glossy magazines and many other grants and gifts from the battle partners.

The official beauty salon Fashion Battle - Grafsky

The cosmetic brand Perfectoria is responsible for the excellent condition of the models' skin.

General media partner: glossy magazine Megapolis Time.

Accreditation: [email protected]

Collection of guests: 19:00

Start: 20:00

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