Ines Sastr - The Face Of Lancome

Ines Sastr - The Face Of Lancome
Ines Sastr - The Face Of Lancome
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At the age of 13, Ines Sastr made her debut in the famous film "El Dorado" directed by Carlos Saura. At 14, she was named "Look of the Year" by the Elite agency. By the age of 17, her popularity in Spain was already so great that she chose to leave where no one knew her yet - to Paris. There she entered the Sorbonne, at the Faculty of Literature. In the city of fashion and beauty, Ines joined the vast ranks of models, but did not get lost in them. Three years later, Michelangelo Antonioni, seeing a photo of Ines on the cover of a magazine, invited her to star in the film "Beyond the Clouds". And having become the "face" of Lancome, Ines said goodbye to the unknown forever. Ines Sastr is the "face" of Lancome.

What does it mean to you to be a stylish woman?

Being stylish means dressing according to your personality.

What style of clothing do you prefer?

Modest enough. It's only when I'm traveling that I allow myself to dress more eccentrically. In general, my style can be called sporty or "relaxed". For example, I like oversized sweaters and comfortable pants. Even if I need a business style, I still try to choose very comfortable clothes. After all, my life passes in front of the public, and in order to be confident in myself, I need to feel harmonious and comfortable. Sometimes, even in a very elegant and expensive dress, standing in front of the mirror, you do not feel as beautiful as you feel in old trousers walking down the street. Therefore, I believe that if something repulses you in the most beautiful dress, you should not wear it.

What kind of fabrics do you usually choose?

I am very sensitive. When I am asked which of my five senses are most receptive, I answer: touch and smell. Since childhood, I was sensitive to tissues and did not tolerate prickly things, even if I really liked them. I love silk, cashmere, linen, cotton. Anything that doesn't irritate my skin.

What's your favorite color?

Blue. Still blue. I also love brown, and in summer, for example, I often wear white and red. In general, I like the more subtle colors.

What brand of shoes do you wear?

I wear the shoes I advertise (JP TODs).

How do you feel about shoes with heels?

I prefer heels to go out, in the evenings. I wear more practical and comfortable shoes during the day.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? Armani, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang. I like to mix things from different designers like Prad or Gucci with clothes from regular stores. And my favorite store is in London - Voyage.

So you don't attach much importance to the brand?

I don’t. But an evening dress must be expensive.

What does fashion mean to you?

I am interested in fashion, but in the way I dress, I always remain true to my own style. It's just that I am always attentive to the latest trends and find in them what suits me.


What do you like to buy?


What do you rarely buy?

Bags. I appreciate them more from a practical point of view than from an aesthetic one.

Spanish women wear a lot of jewelry, several rings, chains, bracelets at once. And you?

I only wear a watch, a ring and a bracelet.

Do you have an amulet or talisman?

On Palm Sunday, they give a twig at church, which I carry in my notebook for a whole year.

How important is clothing to you?

There are things that are associated with certain moments and to which I relate with tenderness. And if there is a dress in which I spent a very good evening, I try not to put it away far and put it on more often. I'm a little superstitious.

Is there a difference in the way French, Spanish or American women dress?

I am very adaptable. I dress differently in different countries. Extravagant - in London, in a classic style - in Paris. When packing my suitcase, I always take into account the style of dress that is preferred in the country where I am going.

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

I just thought about it yesterday. What is it? There was one that I wanted to remember … I forgot:)

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