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Petr Levenpole Became The Best Stylist Of The Year - Fashion And Creativity
Petr Levenpole Became The Best Stylist Of The Year - Fashion And Creativity
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Incredible experience, talent, hard work, many completed schools, work with a wide variety of projects helped an ordinary guy from Yekaterinburg to become an international master, collaborate with stars of show and media business, and open his own beauty salon - Apartment 905 this summer. trusted by such stars of Russian show business as: Alla Dukhova, Yana Rudkovskaya, Dima Bilan, singer Valeria, Konstantin Kozhevnikov, Alexander Peskov, Pierre Marie, Natalia Medvedeva and others.

Petr Levenpole also worked as a guest stylist in such major projects as Fashion Week in Moscow, Fashion Week in Barcelona, ​​Fashion Week in Milan, Project of the Russian Railways company "1520" in Sochi, Charity evening "Soar with the Eagles" Moscow.

The master is distinguished by cooperation with creative art projects and organizing shows of Big City Life style collections.

There are many stylists in our capital, but according to the editors, Peter made a real breakthrough this year: the photo project "You are special" to support people fighting cancer, participation as a stylist in the Dancing on TNT project, opening his own beauty salon.

The Best of the Best award was held at BuddBar on the eve of the stylist's birthday, and the ceremony smoothly turned into an after-party, at which we decided to ask Peter what the secret of his success was.

What do you value most in your work?

- The last 5 minutes, when a client leaves me, because he leaves happy, satisfied, and our feelings from the final work coincide.

In which schools did you study your profession?

- Graduated from Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, there were also private schools in Spain, Berlin, Paris, China, Thailand.

Which school is closer to you?

- I can't say which is closer. There's no such thing. Each school has its own direction and each school was useful in some way. I am grateful to all the teachers. I do not regret any investment in my training and development. Since each person is different, when you have more information, you can apply what works best for him. The more schools I have, the more versatile I am, which means that I can please every client. This is essential for any business.

Do you have your own handwriting? After all, each master has his own style, his own zest

- Yes there is. Especially in color. I really love blondes. 80% of my clients are blonde. Because it is difficult to make an expensive, good color. I manage to do it my own ways, diagrams, recipes. Based on the experience gained in schools, my handwriting was born. I am also currently working on my collection for the men's room. Also, the knowledge gained from all these schools is taken as a basis, but I make images with my own handwriting.

Is naturalness important to you?

- Of course, the key to the success of our work is to emphasize the individuality and naturalness of a person. achieve maximum naturalness. Even if this is achieved artificially. The image looks more expensive when people do not understand that it was created artificially.

Are there any special secrets of Peter Levenpole?

- The basis for all is the same. We choose the shape of haircuts for the shape of the face. But for some reason everyone says that if you have a round face, then you need to draw it out. I use a different trick: I create a nice round shape for a round face, or a square shape for a square face. I create a similar geometric shape on the head that suits him.

Thus, creating hairstyles that suit everyone, Peter undoubtedly became one of the most sought-after stylists. And we are confident that this Best of the Best statuette is just the beginning.

Other nominees for the award established by Megapolis Time, headed by Ivan Irbis: Mitya Fomin, Teona Dolnikova, Alex Malinovsky, Alena Vodonaeva, Sasha Santa, jazz singer Sabira Ilieva, photographer Tasha Manaenkova, VJ Archie host, Ekaterina Kuzmina presenter and many others. The most important business nominations are: Shopping center of the year - Fashion Season TG, mobile application of the year - My Pro, jewelry brand of the year - Ivanovsky, product of the year - Naariyal coconut oil.

The award is being held for the first time this year. The editors recognize professionals and entrepreneurs from the largest number of spheres of activity. This is currently the first and only business award from a glossy magazine in Russia. To receive such an award means recognition of the highest quality and achievement of the best results in the current year in their field. The purpose of the award, according to the founder, was to support and develop Russian entrepreneurship.


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