Mammoplasty: Important Nuances Of Surgical Breast Augmentation

Mammoplasty: Important Nuances Of Surgical Breast Augmentation
Mammoplasty: Important Nuances Of Surgical Breast Augmentation
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The shortcomings of the female breast often becomes the subject of complexes and low self-esteem of its owner. The mammary glands have not only the physiological function of feeding the offspring, but also the aesthetic one. Disappointing research by scientists from the British University England Ruskin showed that more than 70% of women are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. It is possible to give the breast the desired appearance by surgery using mammoplasty. Oleg Berlev, a surgeon of the CIDK network of clinics, Candidate of Medical Sciences, will talk about the important nuances of surgical breast augmentation.


“Mammoplasty is a breast augmentation surgery with implants, which consist of a shell and filler. Each of them has a specific shape, size and height. These parameters are selected based on the desired result and the possibility of its implementation. The technical side of implant placement is the correct introduction of this foreign body into human tissue in order to improve the shape of the breast and its enlargement,”explains the surgeon of the CIDC network of clinics.

Types of implants

The most common types of implants for mammoplasty procedures are:




The choice of type depends on a number of indications for a particular patient, as well as on the wishes and the initially available breast shape.

The development of technologies for creating implants has made it possible to have samples that are a hybrid of a round and anatomical type. Thus, this view in the horizontal position will have a round shape, and in the vertical position, due to the overflow of the filler into the lower sections - anatomical.

Installation techniques

Depending on the formulation of the product, it is possible to achieve different results. Installation can be carried out both under the mammary gland and under the pectoralis major muscle. When the implant is located under the pectoralis major muscle, the round type can also take an anatomical shape. Thus, even the installation option can achieve the harmony of the final look.

Differences between round and anatomical implants

The disadvantage of a specifically anatomical type of implants is the chance of movement (migration) or rotation during lactation, as well as after physical exertion. This can only be corrected by surgery, so all the nuances should be taken into account when choosing implants. Only an experienced specialist is able to assess the risks and choose the correct form.

Indications for mammoplasty

Primary mammary hypoplasia

It is expressed in the lack of development of breast volume. Such cases are not uncommon, therefore primary augmentation mammoplasty with small implants is a very popular procedure.

Breast asymmetry

Asymmetry can also lead to a visit to a plastic surgeon. To correct this defect, implants of different sizes are used.

Lactation period

Pregnancy and lactation are the main causes of breast sagging. Post-lactation hypoplasia is the most common reason for mammoplasty among women.

Mammoplasty after childbirth

In most cases, mammoplasty is resorted to by women who have experienced breast ptosis of varying degrees against the background of past childbirth. Ptosis is a prolapse of the mammary glands, loss of volume. Correction in this case also affects the position of the breast itself, its volume and shape. The emphasis in the work is on fixing the mammary gland, which requires additional interventions. In this case, the scars will be subtle, but in the visible area. Mammoplasty after childbirth can be performed no earlier than 6-9 months. Examination by a mammologist is the primary task for the subsequent procedure. For diagnosis, it is also worth conducting an ultrasound examination of the mammary glands. Contraindications can only be determined by a specialist.

Postoperative rehabilitation

Wearing compression underwear is a must after breast surgery. Immobilization of damaged areas guarantees correct healing and no risk of disturbances. The compression bandage must be worn for 6-8 weeks. For the first month, you should completely refrain from any physical activity. After a month, you can visit the pool, as well as train your legs and buttocks. Removal of restrictions on sports activities comes only after 2 months. This is necessary so that the body can create a scar capsule and fix the implants in place. Injury in the postoperative period can lead to capsular contracture of the mammary glands.


The changes are visible immediately after the operation, but they can be fully assessed only after the end of healing, scarring and recovery. For the first 2 months, swelling, stiffness, or the breasts are just above their normal position. After the expiration of the healing time, all these factors will come to naught.

Allergies or impaired engraftment of implants

The risk of any violations after mammoplasty and full compliance with all doctor's recommendations is very small. Doubts about allergic manifestations are investigated by an allergist doctor, therefore, the exclusion of the risk of such a reaction should also be present in the preoperative period of preparation. The preoperative examination is standardized, with the exception of individual cases and deviations.

Surgical access

All incisions made during the operation have the medical name "surgical access". There are 4 types of them:

Access under the mammary gland, which is located in the submammary fold. A small scar in this area will be completely hidden and invisible.

Access around the breast areola is periareolar. Undesirable for women who have not yet tolerated pregnancy.

Axillary access in the armpit is a small incision. It is more complex and less practical in an operating environment. It is highly traumatic and undesirable.

The fourth approach is the most difficult and traumatic to perform. Moreover, only a few surgeons will be able to perform the introduction of the implant through the accesses that are not on the chest. Therefore, the simplest and most common approach is the submammary fold.

Love for yourself and your own body is a wonderful feeling, without which it is very difficult. A person is able to work on his shortcomings and complexes, especially if they relate to appearance. Mammoplasty is a very common and almost safe operation, the results of which can be pleasing throughout life. To protect yourself from risks and guarantee an ideal result, you should contact only experienced specialists, because health is the most valuable thing in the life of every person.

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