The Digital Release Of The Film "Doctor Lisa" Will Take Place On The Video Services PREMIER And Kinopoisk HD

The Digital Release Of The Film "Doctor Lisa" Will Take Place On The Video Services PREMIER And Kinopoisk HD
The Digital Release Of The Film "Doctor Lisa" Will Take Place On The Video Services PREMIER And Kinopoisk HD
Video: The Digital Release Of The Film "Doctor Lisa" Will Take Place On The Video Services PREMIER And Kinopoisk HD
Video: Доктор Лиза - Трейлер | Фильм 2020 2023, February

On December 25, the digital premiere of the film "Doctor Lisa" will take place: the picture will simultaneously become available on the PREMIER and Kinopoisk HD video services.

The date of the online premiere was not chosen by chance: 4 years ago, on December 25, 2016, Elizaveta Petrovna Glinka, head of the Fair Aid Foundation, tragically died in a plane crash over the Black Sea. The memory of Dr. Lisa does not die, and her great deeds continue to illuminate the lives of thousands of people.

The film was produced by the KIT Film Studio (part of the KIT GPM as part of Gazprom-Media) and the IVAN Production Center in partnership with the NTV channel with the participation of Take Shot and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.


The painting "Doctor Lisa" is the story of one day in the life of Elizaveta Petrovna. Liza Glinka, Doctor Liza, as both her own people and strangers called her, is a man with an immense soul and a steely character. Her work was addressed to that part of the population that society tries to ignore. Once in an interview, she said that everyone wants to help children, but for some reason no one wants to help adults. But helping adults is just as important, especially those who have practically no chance left. About this imperceptible but infinitely important work, deeds directed to the hearts of people who need help to the utmost - this is what the film "Doctor Lisa" is about.

Rafael Minasbekyan, general producer of the film:

“We tried very hard to make a film, after watching which, the viewer could share with us a bright feeling of gratitude to a woman who experienced someone else's pain more acutely than her own. I think in our time it is indifference that gives the world a chance to preserve itself and become better. It seems to me that it turned out to be an honest, piercing and very bright movie about the most important things. About kindness! There is such an expression: "good is help BEFORE you ask." Elizaveta Petrovna was certainly kind."

Janik Fayziev, general producer of the film:

“This is a very lively movie about a real Man. And the authors tried to tell it in a light, ironic language. This is exactly what Elizaveta Petrovna Glinka was - smiling, simple, ironic and humane."


Alexander Bondarev, film producer:

“When Elizaveta Petrovna died, I began to write a lot on Facebook posts, memories of our meetings with her. Unexpectedly, Vadim Ostrovsky, the producer of the NTV channel, called me and said that he had read my posts and offered to make a movie. It was back in 2017. And this proposal was so unexpected for me on the one hand, and on the other hand - absolutely right, that literally a week later we met and discussed everything. Later we met with Timur Weinstein (general producer of NTV), I talked with Janik Fayziev and Rafael Minasbekyan - and we started writing the script. First of all, we came to an agreement with Gleb Glebovich, the husband of Elizaveta Petrovna, and her family, with whom we have very good relations, they trust me. They were looking for authors for a very long time, it turned out to be a difficult task - after all, in her one life she lived like ten.Aleksey Ilyushkin, one of the editors of the KIT Film Studio, proposed the idea of ​​a script where the events take place on the same day. He also wrote the first version of the story, which formed the basis of the future film. So we started working on this project."

The script was rewritten many times. From the original version, only the main outline has been preserved - to show one day in the life of Elizaveta Glinka and try to fit in these 24 hours her fate, character, way of life.

The plot of the film takes place in Moscow, April 25, 2012. Glinka's family is preparing for the holiday - thirty years of marriage. The closest friends are invited to dinner, the sons have arrived. Of course, Lisa freed that day to spend with her family. The plan is only to call in to the Fund and receive weekly patients at the Paveletsky railway station. But Dr. Lisa's days are always full of surprises. A five-year-old girl dies in a hospital on the outskirts of Moscow. The attending physician is forced to discharge Eva from the hospital. Due to problems associated with medical formalities, a child with cancer is left without pain medication. With the last hope, the girl's father rushes to Lisa for help. Unsuccessfully using all the ways to help the child within the framework of the system, Dr. Lisa decides on a desperate act …

Chulpan Khamatova, actress:

“Gleb Glinka came to me and told me that there was such an idea - to make a full-length movie about Liza and offered to play her. Of course, I agreed, to be honest, being for some reason confident that this will never happen. I understood that Gleb needed to somehow enlist my support and because of this I agreed, but I could not even imagine that the film would happen. And then everything began to twist. Friends said: “You're out of your mind! Where are you going? Why do you need this?". They said that both those who admired Liza and those who hated her would crucify me. I listened to it, and understood that anyway someone would play it, but I would come to watch this film in the cinema and I would constantly think how I would play this role myself. And I decided to participate, because the project had already been launched and Lisa would still be played by someone, so I thought, "No, I won't give my Lisa to anyone!"

Filming started in April 2019. The picture was filmed in 25 shooting shifts. In the frame, viewers will see many locations in which Dr. Lisa lived and worked: the headquarters of the "Fair Help" charitable organization, Paveletsky railway station, and also the real apartment of Doctor Lisa, where the film crew was invited by her husband, Gleb Glebovich Glinka.

Oksana Karas, director:

“We were very lucky that Gleb Glebovich himself offered to rent in their apartment. Of course, we asked ten more times: "Are you sure you thought everything over and weighed everything? Do you understand what it is when 50 people of the film crew come? We will move and change everything." To this he said: "Oksana, I lived with Elizaveta Petrovna, what do you want to scare me with?"

Gleb Glinka not only became a consultant on the set, but also starred in a cameo role - he played a homeless man who comes to the station for humanitarian aid, where on Wednesdays Elizaveta and the Fair Aid team regularly distributed food and medicine to everyone in need. The role of Gleb Glinka himself was played by Polish actor Andrzej Chyra.

“Of course, I feel a little uncomfortable when I see another person play me. It took some getting used to. But Andrzej and I, when we first met, sat for two hours and talked. Immediately, for some reason, there was a feeling of closeness. He asked me questions, I tried to answer as frankly as possible. Andrzej's performance is a little less nervous than in real life. And Andrzej also gave the hero a quality that I have always envied in people - such inner peace, which usually comes only with age,”said Gleb Glebovich.

The painting was created with the desire to achieve maximum precision in detail. The initiator of the filming, producer Alexander Bondarev, a friend of Dr. Lisa and a volunteer of her Fair Help Foundation, was also responsible for the reliability.

Alexander Bondarev, producer:

“The ambulance number was the one on which Liza went, the driver who drives the ambulance is Rustam, Liza's driver. The string of pearls on Chulpan is the same as Elizaveta Petrovna had”

With almost documentary details from the life of Elizaveta Glinka, the film's director, Oksana Karas, notes that in no case did she make a memorial film.

Oksana Karas, director:

“Our film is a life-affirming story in which we did not want to talk about the death of the main character. It was important for us to make a live movie, where Elizaveta Petrovna is a person who supposedly still lives with us. This is not a monument. The scale of Elizaveta Petrovna's personality is such that even after her death, her energy continues to be with us. She has done so many good things for other people, not for herself. Very few people know how."


Elizaveta Petrovna Glinka is a Russian public figure and human rights activist. A philanthropist, a pediatric resuscitator by education. In 2007, Elizaveta Glinka founded the international charitable public organization "Fair Help", which is still continuing the work of Doctor Lisa and helping everyone in need. Lisa believed that absolutely every person, whoever he was, has the right to leave with dignity. No pain and humiliation. Not abandoned or forgotten. She awakened this faith in others, thanks to her, many began to take an active part in helping the sick and saved more than one life. She was an incredible person, able to sympathize with other people's pain and help people in desperate situations. There was no misfortune due to which Elizaveta Petrovna would give up.

Her last, unfortunately, unfulfilled mission was the transportation of drugs to Syria. Four years ago, on December 25, 2016, Elizaveta Glinka died tragically in a plane crash over the Black Sea. The memory of Elizaveta Petrovna does not die, and her great deeds continue to illuminate the lives of thousands of people.

Chulpan Khamatova, actress:

“I am very happy that the film“Doctor Lisa”happened in my life. Many thanks to the whole team: the director Oksana Karas, and the producer Alexander Bondarev, and the cameraman Sergei Machilsky, and everyone, every person who participated in the creation of this movie. This month and a half of filming was genuine, real creativity and even more. We all became more sensitive and merciful, we were all infected with some greater meaning than just a movie.

I want to say a huge thank you to Liza Glinka for being in my life and being in the lives of many people who needed her help. For the fact that she is still alive, because she is in my heart and in the hearts of a huge number of people."

The film "Doctor Lisa" has become one of the landmark films for 2020. The film took the audience award "Kinotavr", the first prize of the international festival "Radiant Angel", received two awards at the "Veche" festival - for the best director and a special prize from the Governor of the Novgorod region, as well as the Grand Prix of the "Vivat Cinema of Russia!" Chulpan Khamatova was awarded the Best Actress nomination.

# FilmDoctorLisa - from December 25 on PREMIER and Kinopoisk HD

Genre: drama, 16+

Production: KIT Film Studio and IVAN Production Center in partnership with the NTV channel with the participation of Take Shot and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Distributor: White Nights

General Producers: Rafael Minasbekyan, Janik Fayziev, Timur Weinstein, Alexey Zemsky

Lead Producer: Alexander Bondarev

Co-producers: Ravil Savikhov, Vadim Ostrovsky

Producers: Maria Ionova, Alexey Akhmedov, Irina Borisova

Director: Oksana Karas

Screenwriters: Alexey Ilyushkin, Natalia Kudryashova, Oksana Karas, Alena Sanko

Director of photography: Sergei Machilskiy

Set Designer: Pavel Parkhomenko

Cast: Chulpan Khamatova, Andrey Burkovsky, Konstantin Khabensky, Andrzej Khyra, Evgeny Pisarev, Alexey Agranovich, Timofey Tribuntsev, Elena Koreneva, Yulia Aug, Tatyana Dogileva, Alexey Vertkov, Sergey Sosnovsky, Philip Avdeev, Maria Krylova, Daria Zhovner, Pavel Tabakov, Sergey Bondarchuk and others

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