Gillette Introduces King C. Gillette - Royal Beard Care

Gillette Introduces King C. Gillette - Royal Beard Care
Gillette Introduces King C. Gillette - Royal Beard Care
Video: Gillette Introduces King C. Gillette - Royal Beard Care
Video: King C. Gillette | Tools For Your Perfect Beard 2023, February

Inspired by the rich heritage of King C. Gillett, founder of Gillette, and shaving innovation, the King C. Gillette brand offers everything men need for complete beard, stubble and facial care.

Combining centuries of experience with cutting edge technology, Gillette is announcing the launch of a new brand, King C. Gillette, for a complete home care for the face, beard, mustache and stubble. King C. Gillette is a complete line of men's tools, accessories, beauty and styling products. The collection includes shaving gels, balms, beard oils, trimmer and razors - including the legendary T-shaped razor with two blades. Whichever look you choose, King C. Gillette has everything you need to create a flawless style. “More than a century ago, King Camp Gillett, founder of Gillette, revolutionized men's grooming by creating a safety razor and making shaving easier and more affordable,” said Roman Medvedev, Vice President of Shaving and Oral Care at P&G in Eastern Europe.“We are continuing the traditions of King C. Gillette and, combining them with a century of experience in innovation, are pleased to announce the launch in Russia of the King C. Gillette brand - a complete line of products, accessories and tools for the care of the beard at home.”

The brand's collection is roughly divided into three categories: shaving and contouring, styling and grooming.

Shaving and Contouring:

- legendary safety T-shaped razor with additional blades;

- Razor with 5 premium blades and precision trimmer for edging, with replaceable cassettes;

- a razor for shaving sensitive skin and neck area;

- transparent shaving gel for a soft and delicate shave.


- cordless beard trimmer with three attachments.


- refreshing beard and face cleanser, nourishes the skin and softens the beard;

- a conditioning beard balm that can be used as a leave-in product or as a deep conditioning wash-off mask;

- Light beard oil moisturizes the skin, nourishes and softens the beard.

The King C. Gillette care line contains natural plant ingredients: argan, avocado, cocoa, jojoba and shea oils, coconut water, menthol, aloe vera and white tea extracts. Each of these products also features a sophisticated scent with hints of cardamom, lavender, patchouli, ginger and sandalwood in a sophisticated perfume ensemble developed in collaboration with an international perfume house.

The packaging design is also worth noting: dark blue labels with edging and details of noble copper color. King C. Gillette is an exceptional combination of form and content, combining superior quality in the best traditions of Gillette and elegant style. For more inspiration to create flawless style - in the new video King C. Gillette.

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