Ruban For Ekonika. New Capsule Collection Of Shoes And Accessories Spring-summer

Ruban For Ekonika. New Capsule Collection Of Shoes And Accessories Spring-summer
Ruban For Ekonika. New Capsule Collection Of Shoes And Accessories Spring-summer

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The inspiration for the new capsule of the designer duo Ruban and the Econika brand was the attractive exoticism of the East and, in particular, the aesthetics born from the collision of ancient cultures with European traditions. Designers Alisa and Yulia Ruban turned to the traditional and iconic motif for the Ruban brand - flower gardens that have formed into meditative ornaments in a modern design.

The creative impulse originated in the main RUBAN collections - haute couture, demi-couture and prêt-à-porter. Therefore, the designers have transferred to the capsule collection Ruban for Ekonik a scattering of sensitively traced buds, as if descended from Chinese engravings. On the favorite materials of the designer duo - leather and silk - they blossomed in the form of a print and in the form of embossed applications, and also opened in the form of a figured heel of sandals and summer ankle boots.

The fantasy garden blooms in a palette of milky, mint, gray-green, clay shades. Destroying the stereotype about the obligatory use of rich accents in summer collections, Alice and Yulia Ruban settled on muted and soft colors typical of the masterpieces of Asian painting.

In the general direction of the capsule, the design duo pays tribute to oriental culture and its idea of ​​merging with nature. Hence - emphasized natural textures (including textured linen with imitation of basting seams, smooth silk, grained leather, split leather). In unusual details, fittings and accessories, designers reveal the idea of ​​a collision with Western traditions. Hence - deliberate asymmetry, clearly verified "incorrectness" of decorative elements. This is the use in pairs of applications of "arguing" sizes among themselves, contrasting capes on shoes, different types of jumpers on sandals.

A fruitful clash of tradition and modernity has become for designers not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of the workflow itself. Thus, the most time-consuming element of the collection - an architectural heel made of multi-colored buds - was developed in the course of many months and multi-stage work. First, with a sculptor who created the primary forms from plastic material, and then with specialists who used a 3D printer to produce the final model.

The craving for an unshakable balance, characteristic of Eastern philosophy, is reflected this time in the structure of the collection. The designers included closed shoes, weightless sandals with thin straps, and half-closed ankle boots. In addition, in a pair with some adult models, designers offer ballet flats and boots for girls, adapted for children's comfort with full preservation of design solutions. At the same time, all the variety of shoes this season is balanced by the variety of bags, which the design duo paid special attention to. The accessory line includes blanket bags, clutches, backpacks, shoppers and even an embossed suitcase, as well as belt bags, in fact, consisting of three mini-bags. Silk stoles and jewelry sets with natural plant ornaments organically complement the capsule collection.

The exclusive Ruban for Ekonik capsule collection of the spring-summer 2019 season will be on sale in Econika salons and in the online store of the network in February next year.

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