Collection "Katyusha" By Tatiana Sulimina

Collection "Katyusha" By Tatiana Sulimina
Collection "Katyusha" By Tatiana Sulimina
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On September 3, the fashion designer presented the Katyusha capsule collection to Voronezh residents. The designer was inspired by the fate of a Voronezh girl in exile. Our compatriot, noblewoman Katerina Ionina, daughter of a colonel of the Imperial Army, became a famous fashion model in Paris in the 1920s, then she opened her own atelier.

In the work on the collection, the designer used original photographs from the personal archive of Katerina Ionina's grandson, professor at the University of Leeds Michael Holman (Great Britain).

- Michael Holman sent me some pictures of his grandmother. I did not do a direct reading of the costumes, but was inspired by the atmosphere of the era. His only wish was to name the collection "Katyusha" - that is exactly how they called Ekaterina Ionina in emigration, the designer noted. - I am pleased to revive the history of Voronezh, in this I draw inspiration.

The collection features 20 looks. Elegant coats, dresses and suits of a semi-fitted silhouette and oversized, trimmed with lace and decorated with photographs of Yekaterina Ionina. The colors of the collection are gray, hazy blue, valiant poppy. Accessories have been specially created for the collection - scarves and jewelry - pearl beads, fancy brooches in the form of flowers, as well as brooches-pendants from druses of natural stones with silk tassels.

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