The International Competition Of Young Talents "Art-Razagulyay"

The International Competition Of Young Talents "Art-Razagulyay"
The International Competition Of Young Talents "Art-Razagulyay"
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“Russia is proud of its traditional visual codes, but is ready to show the world new ones. We propose to break the patterns, see and discover new patterns in old classical visual images. The international competition ART-RAZGULIAY is aimed at motivating young people to form a new interpretation of the famous symbols of Russia to give actual content to the image of our country, including among young people from foreign countries ", - says Igor Gulyaev, who was the main inspirer and initiator of the competition.

The competition was held with the aim of identifying and supporting talented youth, searching for new names in the fashion and design industry, new content of traditional elements in the field of fashion.

The winner of the competition was Maria Krylasova, a student at the Kazan Technological University. Her works use such traditional symbols as oak leaves (a symbol of good health and strong life position), a horse (a symbol of hard work, prosperity, prosperity), a butterfly (a symbol of lightness and tenderness).

On October 5, 2019, within the framework of the International Fashion Forum in St. Petersburg, an award ceremony was held for the winner of the competition and a meeting with Igor Gulyaev took place. Maria's works will be used in one of the collections of Igor Gulyaev.

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