Igor Gulyaev Fashion House Announces International Competition For Young Talents

Igor Gulyaev Fashion House Announces International Competition For Young Talents
Igor Gulyaev Fashion House Announces International Competition For Young Talents
Video: Igor Gulyaev Fashion House Announces International Competition For Young Talents
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The Igor Gulyaev fashion house announces the start of the Art-Razgulyay International Competition, in which young designers, artists and fashion designers from all over Russia, as well as from the CIS countries, are invited to participate. The age of the participants is up to 35 years old.

The competition is held with the aim of identifying and supporting talented youth, finding new names in the fashion and design industry, new content of traditional elements in the field of fashion, creating innovative platforms for professional exchange.

“Russia is proud of its traditional visual codes, but is ready to show the world new ones. We suggest breaking patterns, seeing and discovering new patterns in old classic visuals. The ART-RAZGULIAY international competition is aimed at motivating young people to form a new interpretation of the famous symbols of Russia to give actual content to the image of our country, including among young people from foreign countries,”says Igor Gulyaev, who was the main inspirer and initiator of the competition.

Competitive applications are accepted until September 20, 2019. To take part in the competition, you must fill out the competition application form, attach additional materials (presentation, visual materials, scanned or photographic image of a sketch or product, drawing (file format: JPEG / TIFF / PDF). Archive with the competition application and additional materials should be posted to any file hosting service, and send the link to the e-mail of the competition - [email protected] In the subject, indicate your name. More details about participation in the competition.

Competitive applications are accepted in two nominations:


Interpretation of traditional Russian visual images and artistic techniques, including a new implementation of the image and construction of a traditional Russian nesting doll.


Author's print (pattern, ornament, pattern) of fabric for clothes, home textiles, furniture and room decor based on traditional national patterns (Gzhel and Khokhloma).

The key to success for participating in the competition will be a modern interpretation and use of existing symbols and cultural codes in clothing and accessories, their updating in accordance with the key trends of the new time: manufacturability, innovation, openness.

The winners of the competition will be announced on October 1, 2019, and the award ceremony will take place on October 4 at the International Fashion Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg.

The winner of the competition in the ART-Symbol nomination will get the opportunity to sell his own products in the boutiques of Igor Gulyaev, and the winner in the ART-Pattern nomination will get the opportunity to use his work in the designer's new collection.


The partners of the Art-Razgulyay competition are the All-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Youth” and the information portal News of Schools.


IGOR GULYAEV Fashion House was founded in 2009. The very first show of Igor Gulyaev caused a great response, specialized international publications began to call him an innovator in the field of fur fashion. Fashion industry experts paid special attention to the designer's collections, which were distinguished by a special creative look and a high level of performance.

Igor Gulyaev is a laureate of numerous awards: “Designer of the Year”, “Best Fur Designer”, “Contribution to the Development of the Russian Fashion Industry”,

“International Breakthrough”, “Best Fur Brand”, “Russian Name of Fur Couture”. The designer's shows are held in Russia at the main fashion weeks in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as abroad - in the USA, France, Italy, Kazakhstan and Slovakia.

Igor Gulyaev is a guest designer of the famous French brand Guy Laroche, for whom he creates capsule collections of fur products.

In the collection of the fashion house, along with fur products, there are all-season women's collections (Pret-a-porte de Luxe), evening and wedding dresses (Igor Gulyaev Exclusive), children's line (Igor Gulyaev for Kids), accessories (Igor Gulyaev Acсessoires) and products for home (Igor Gulyaev HOME).

The philosophy of the IGOR GULYAEV brand is based on exceptional perfectionism, which is present in everything: from the search for fresh creative ideas and the choice of the best materials to the strictest control over the quality of product execution.

Now Igor Gulyaev's products can be seen and purchased in several countries of the world. Igor Gulyaev boutiques are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dubai. Igor Gulyaev's clothes adorn the wardrobes of world celebrities - Ornella Mutti, Lara Fabian, Goldie Hawn, as well as many Russian stars - Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Elena Vaenga, Lera Kudryavtseva, Natasha Koroleva, Yana Rudkovskaya and many others. In dresses from Igor Gulyaev, stars appear on the red carpet of the most significant social events.


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