Tatiana Parfenova's Fashion House Presented A New Performance

Tatiana Parfenova's Fashion House Presented A New Performance
Tatiana Parfenova's Fashion House Presented A New Performance
Video: Tatiana Parfenova's Fashion House Presented A New Performance
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Tatiana Parfenova's fashion house has presented a new performance in the palace park of Tsarskoye Selo within the framework of the annual Association project. The source of inspiration for the fashionable action was the appeal to the theme of the theater. The famous fashion analyst Alexander Khilkevich shares his impressions of what he saw.

The talent of the outstanding Petersburg designer Tatyana Parfenova is multifaceted - a painter, fashion designer, interior designer, costume designer, and writer. Today we saw the director Parfenova. Her new performance is dedicated to the Year of Theater.

The main theme of the fashion show was the struggle of ideas and the paradox of incompatibility between the progressive “tomorrow” and the conservative “yesterday”. That is why the starting points of Parfenova's script are paintings by Matisse and the famous plays by Chekhov (The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya and Three Sisters). These eternal symbols of the collision of the new and the old at one time anticipated the coming transformation of the art world and social and political life in general. They are still relevant today.

Parfenova very subtly develops this theme, organically weaving into her multi-layered dramatic canvas the idyllic picture of the nature of the palace park, the pulsating dynamics of Matisse's colors, the timeless classical monologues of Chekhov's heroes, the complex rhythm of the kinetic orphism patterns, the children's sailor suit and the touching entourage of the pre-revolutionary summer cottage furniture liqueur in crystal and ripe cherries on a platter, techniques of the Russian avant-garde theater, expressive new plasticity of stage movement, futuristic make-up and references to the ancient Greek mysteries. And, of course, music! A special musical program is created for each show by Parfenova. Now the themes of everyone's beloved Russian romances performed by virtuoso guitarist Mikhail Radyukevich sounded live. And how they sounded!

The performance in Tsarskoe Selo became a bright, modern, professional expression and consolidated Parfenova's status as a master of large game forms. She created an amazing atmosphere of creativity, filling an open area with action, the size of which is much larger than any theatrical stage, and kept the audience in suspense throughout the action.

At the same time, Parfenova herself does not consider it necessary to talk a lot about this performance - new projects for her are much more interesting than those already accomplished. Such a scale, a synthesis of arts, multitasking, freedom of self-expression is a normal state for a multidimensional and versatile artist, such as Parfenova, for whom the whole world is Matisse, all people are paints.

Photo: Alexey Pakhomov, Olga Sokolova

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