HOUSE OF LEO By Leonid Alekseev

HOUSE OF LEO By Leonid Alekseev
HOUSE OF LEO By Leonid Alekseev
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Video: Антикризисный штаб Beinopen: Леонид Алексеев (House of Leo) 2023, February

On April 23, in the loft space "Nadezhda" on the territory of the Moscow Trekhgornaya Manufactory, a show of the renewed brand of designer Leonid Alekseev - HOUSE OF LEO took place. An atmospheric fashion show in one of the "places of power" of the capital was attended by Mikhail Druyan, Vlad Lisovets, Alexander Rogov, Vitaly Kozak, Konstantin Andrikopulos, Renata Kharkova, Natasha Sych, Ivan Vasiliev and many others.

HOUSE OF LEO is when you go into your dad's closet as a teenager. About how adult things are being transformed into modern street style. Freeforms are reminiscent of what were once decent menswear, vintage sports, and uniforms.

The HOUSE OF LEO 2019 collection is based on three finds: a navy uniform, a trench coat and an old jacket. The transformation of these items is done in modern and traditional fabrics, canvas and faux leather.

The event included a tasting of the innovative product IdrinQ, a fortified drink with R (+) - alpha-lipoic acid and L-arginine, which helps to obtain energy at the cellular level without caffeine and taurine.

The collection was presented by models from one of the leaders of the Russian fashion industry - the agency NIK Model Management.

Official photographer - Viktor Boyko.

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