Fashion In The Rhythm Of The City By NINA DONIS

Fashion In The Rhythm Of The City By NINA DONIS
Fashion In The Rhythm Of The City By NINA DONIS

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The greatest excitement at the Moscow Fashion Week was caused by the show of the collection of the designer duo NINADONIS.

The overwhelming success at London Fashion Week and brilliant sales in Milan showrooms attracted a huge number of admirers of the works of Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis to Gostiny Dvor. Following Yohji Yamamoto, this design duo is called the wardrobe philosophers.

Fashion as imagined by Nina and Donis is a dialogue between the artist and the people of the big city. The new collection is addressed to “a modern woman confidently walking the streets of Moscow in step with the times”. Therefore, it is especially important for NINDONIS that everyday clothes are beautiful and comfortable, original and unpretentious.

Their clothing obeys the requirement “dress me in such a way that they want to undress me”. A vivid illustration of this - scarf bodices of rare beauty, awakening the most exciting feelings and emotions.

Masterful cut, psychologically accurate combination of color and material are the key to the success of the collection. Everything in it is subordinated to momentary comfort: delicate fabrics, loose silhouettes, intricate cuts … Clothes from NINDONIS seem to be charged with powerful energy and intellect.

How long does it take for a city dweller to put on a fashionable outfit? The new NINDONIS collection is the answer to the eternal question. Take everything that is at hand, feel free to put one on top of the other or throw over. And the more varied the combination of clothes, the more interesting it is to live. The illusion of simplicity and incompleteness only enhances the hypnotic attraction.

Each of the models is multi-layered and consists of combined parts. For example, at first glance, a bright boa is thrown on a dress; in fact, this detail is one piece with the dress. Or here's another model, seemingly a classic suit, but it turns out that the "thrown" jacket is tightly "tied" with the vest. Metamorphoses occur with scarves of various shapes and colors. An accessory that is ordinary at first glance - it turns into a warm sleeveless jacket, then into an original top.

Vivid color accents run through the entire collection. For the fall-winter season, NinDonis offers models in woolen, silk and chiffon fabrics.

In general, the coloring is close to the autumn scale - these are dark shades of gray and shades of khaki. The sincerity and lightness of the collection creates a feeling of some carelessness, but this is the corporate identity of NINDONIS. To get a feel for it - look at the streets around you. Get your inspiration from the sensations, sounds and pulse of the metropolitan centers of the new millennium. The world of the 21st century is a world where barriers and borders have been destroyed.

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