Masha Tsigal's Autumn-winter Collection

Masha Tsigal's Autumn-winter Collection
Masha Tsigal's Autumn-winter Collection
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At the party of Masha Tsigal and the group `Moscow MC`, which took place on February 26 at the entertainment palace` Capital` and was timed to coincide with the presentation of the group's new single, Masha Tsigal presented her new autumn-winter collection to the press. Masha, known for her collaboration with hip-hop stars, this time dressed the participants of the Moscow MCs in her costumes. `I have known Sasha Zhukov, the leader of the Moscow MC, for many years. So when the guys approached me with a proposal to `make` a style for them, I agreed. Moreover, the topic of Rap, RNB and music in general is very close to me. So today everyone will see a new style and a new image of the Moscow MCs, says Tsigal.

The relatively young project `Moscow MC` was formed as a result of the merger of two famous teams of the old school of the Russian rap movement` Made in Russia` and `Without a Name`. Now the group consists of four talented musicians: MC Mamin, AL D, LG and Lily, whose voice is comparable only to the vocals of jazz singers of the beginning of the last century. Lyrics are written by AL D, he calls his poems `rhythmic surrealism`, and this is the only correct definition for his work. The Moscow MCs are trying to convey all the shades of hip-hop and make hip-hop a culture worthy of respect, which is why they are now organizing parties for friends.

The private party in Kapiteli was attended only by friends and acquaintances of the organizers, many stars of the old school of hip-hop, many "manufacturers", stars of the domestic pop / rn and b parties, famous entrepreneurs, and so on. Masha Tsigal said that life itself inspired her to create a new collection.

`Life itself inspires me. You can understand how and what I live by if you look at the drawings on my things, pay attention to the colors, to the music that I choose, to the people who demonstrate my models. Today I am inspired by Sasha Zhukov and what the Moscow MCs, whom I have known for a long time, are doing. In fact, today I also work with already `` promoted '' people, but at the same time I am always ready to help - of course, to the best of my ability - and young people who are not yet `super cool`, but who have potential. It's easy for me to do this, and that's why I'm here today. '

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