Inside The Avant-garde: The Installation "Three-dimensional Proun" Was Installed At The Khlebozavod

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Inside The Avant-garde: The Installation "Three-dimensional Proun" Was Installed At The Khlebozavod
Inside The Avant-garde: The Installation "Three-dimensional Proun" Was Installed At The Khlebozavod
Video: Inside The Avant-garde: The Installation "Three-dimensional Proun" Was Installed At The Khlebozavod
Video: КАК ЭТО РАБОТАЕТ: Хлебозавод 2023, February

Thanks to the association "Brewing Shop" at the Khlebozavod there is a new art object created by the students of WHO.ART.LAB

Until July 10, on the territory of the Khlebozavod, the installation "Three-Dimensional Proun", created by the members of the SAKS art group based on the system of prouns, the projects of approval of the new El Lissitzky, will operate

The installation "Three-Dimensional Proun" is a visualization of the proun of the famous Russian architect and avant-garde artist Lazar Lissitzky (El Lissitzky), whose work is based on the idea of ​​interaction between space and man.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, avant-garde artists dreamed that museums and galleries would “take to the streets” and serve human needs, and their dreams would begin to come true. Artists always solve the problem of depicting three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional plane. The authors of "Three-Dimensional Proun" went from the opposite and created a three-dimensional installation from a two-dimensional picture, thus trying to erase the border between a work of art and everyday life.

Young artists got the opportunity to create and realize the "Three-dimensional pounder" thanks to the course "Art-business. Theory and Practice”, which was launched by WHO.ART.LAB with the support of the creative association“Brewhouse”. On the course, students have gone from art lovers to novice art managers, having received theoretical and practical knowledge. The training was conducted under the guidance of industry practitioners, including the sociologist of art, curator of the interdisciplinary space Untitled Yuri Yurkin, Alexander Burenkov, chief curator of the ISSMAG gallery and art director of ROSIZO-NCCA, Ekaterina Finogenova, marketing director of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, and many others.

At the end of the training, each student had the opportunity to develop and present their project to the expert jury. The process of working on ideas and installations was supervised by the course teachers: students could get advice on creating a creative concept from the course curator Grigory Poryadkov from the Khlebozavod team, and Oleg Pitetsky, the founder of the Svechenie agency, shared advice on the technical part and production of the art object.

From the best presentations of the students of the course, the jury chose the public art team "SAKS", whose name abbreviation is based on the first letters of the authors' names:

Svetlana Maksimova - artist, founder of the school of contemporary art "Art Workshop SUN in BUN"

Anna Zinovieva is an artist experimenting in painting and print graphics, a computer graphics specialist at the MUKHA studio

Katerina Zabegina - designer, graduate of the Fashion Laboratory of Vyacheslav Zaitseva, creator of the ZABEGINA clothing and accessories brand

Sofia Rybina - graphic designer, illustrator, graduate of the Moscow State Art and Design Academy Stroganov

Before starting training at WHO.ART.LAB, some of the SAKS participants took part in independent exhibitions and art projects, but “Three-Dimensional Proun” is their first serious work.

According to the authors of the project, the peculiarity of the "Three-dimensional Proun" is that the object leaves an opportunity for the audience to become participants in boundless creativity. Everyone can supplement the installation with their presence and become a part of the work, and the essence of the installation is best reflected by the slogan "avant-garde, space and spirit of youth." The authors believe that proun at the Khlebozavod will become a comfortable space for relaxation and a good place for a photo.

You can see the installation and relax inside the "Three-Dimensional Proun" until July 10 at the Khlebozavod.

To create the installation, the authors used metal, plastic, concrete, wood.

Who.Art.Lab is the educational direction of the ART.WHO.ART project, this is not a classic lecture hall, but a place where art lovers can find themselves in close proximity to art market practitioners, gain experience of live communication with experts and assess opportunities and prospects development of the industry as a whole. The creators of the course believe that knowledge should be available, and viewers should be able to raise their cultural level and communicate freely with industry leaders on topics of interest to them.


The Brewing Shop is a creative association whose activities are aimed at supporting young contemporary artists in Russia and the development of contemporary art. In 2016, in one of the buildings of the Moscow Brewing Company plant, at the initiative of the association, group and individual exhibitions of young artists were held, and the final of the site's work was the presentation of the Brewhouse Art Prize.


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