Yana Nedzvetskaya Celebrated 27 Years Of Her Brand

Yana Nedzvetskaya Celebrated 27 Years Of Her Brand
Yana Nedzvetskaya Celebrated 27 Years Of Her Brand
Video: Yana Nedzvetskaya Celebrated 27 Years Of Her Brand
Video: Underwater fashion show "Harmagedon. Psalm 36:29" Jana Nedzvetskaya S/S 2015 2023, February

LO brand's birthday is a bright and fun event this summer! The holiday was held not only in Moscow, but in all corners of Russia, where there are stores of the famous brand of women's clothing!

Yana Nedzvetskaya, the most intelligent and creative designer in Russia, gathered her friends to celebrate her birthday at the Flagship store on Prospekt Mira.

In a black cube LO in non-stop mode, Yana organized a video broadcast of all archived clips of her shows from 2007 to 2016!

Star guests Anna Chicherova, Elena Panova, Irina Lachina, Yulia Romashina, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Anna Churina, Maria Romanova, Daniil Fedorov have already settled around the black cube, on the lawn on bright blankets and pillows, when the downpour that poured into Moscow literally in a couple of minutes flooded everything around.

But Yana and her team, as always, have a plan B! For 27 years, not a single show has been delayed for a minute! Yana always starts the show on time. This is a kind of Yana's feature. So this time, the guests and the stars literally followed the minute hand and believed that even the elements were not able to prevent Yana from starting the show exactly at the designated time.

In 15 minutes, the entire picnic was moved to the stylish and trendy flagship store. With a podium, a huge black LO cube, picnic blankets, wine and treats!

And at exactly 19-00 the seasonal show FW16-17 with the symbolic name LO in cube started! The collection showed models that will be presented in the fall in all LO brand stores and on the site shop.misslo.com

The designer has not changed himself for 27 years! In the new collection, an eccentric combination of femininity and sporty chic has resulted in beautiful images of sweatshirts made of expensive Italian jacquards combined with sophisticated skirts made of soft wool with an author's print, and a multi-step pleat, soft, with wide pleats, skirt-trousers to the floor: all these are ready-made recipes for those who want and know how to look graceful and feminine. The headliner of the show is a coat made of innovative fabrics - voluminous neoprene with natural fibers and soft alpaca wool.

Flowers, gifts, bright congratulations and excellent mood accompanied the holiday all day long!

The most charming presenter of Moscow Nikolai Tsonku welcomed the guests!

We would like to thank the partners of the event: "Tibet" - Glacial melt water, "Neu Kosmetik" - a cosmetic brand, "Greymy Professional" - professional hair cosmetics, Confectionery "Domashniye Tartiki", Chocolate atelier "LPrincesse Choco", @ Tsvetochki495 Flowers and balloons delivery. Information partner: "New Radio".

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