Presentation Of The Calendar "Russian Silhouette & Ballet"

Presentation Of The Calendar "Russian Silhouette & Ballet"
Presentation Of The Calendar "Russian Silhouette & Ballet"
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On December 4, the doors of the Imperial Mansion on Volkhonka opened for connoisseurs of fashion, beauty and ballet: Tatiana Mikhalkova's Charitable Foundation presented the elite fashion calendar Russian Silhouette & Ballet 2018.

Cinderella, in a hurry, lost her crystal shoe, in the image created by Valentin Yudashkin. Proud and passionate Carmen dressed by Julia Yanina. White Swan, a symbol of the greatness and beauty of Russian ballet, dressed by Irina Khodynitskaya … All these images of the great choreographer Marius Petipa, embodied on the pages of the Russian Silhouette calendar 2018, came to life on the catwalk that evening.

Tatyana Mikhalkova, President of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation, appealed with gratitude for her help in the production of a fashion publication: “The fabulous images for each of the heroines helped us to bring to life the great photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. And for the interiors that emphasize the character of ballet performances, I would like to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to VDNKh, the largest historical complex in Moscow. Traditionally, our beautiful actresses and models appear on the pages of the calendar in the outfits of brilliant designers who have been supporting our Charitable Foundation and the competition for young designers for many years. For more than 20 years, together we have been helping young artists start their journey into the world of haute couture. " The founder of the Fund, Alexander Mitroshenkov, noted: “This year's ballet theme was not chosen by chance.2018 in Russia is dedicated to this wonderful art and the 200th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding ballet master Marius Petipa. Every page and every character of the heroine has become the personification of one of the 12 months of the coming year and, I hope, will serve as a true inspiration for you."

The annual presentation of the calendar was traditionally accompanied by a display of works of authorship by the most iconic Russian couturiers: as if by magic, the heroines of ballet performances came to life on the catwalk in images created by the best designers - Valentin Yudashkin, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Anastasia Zadoremina, Alena Akhmadulina, Igolein Oleg Ovsiev, Oksana Fedorova, Victoria Andreyanova, Irina Khodynitskaya, Jemal Makhmudov, Liza Romanyuk, Yegor Tanykov. Each of them provided an outfit for filming the fashion calendar "Russian Silhouette & Ballet". Thanks to their work, actresses and show business stars were reincarnated in the heroines of Marius Petipa's choreographic productions: Lyaysan Utyasheva in the passionate Carmen, Anna Sedokova in the enchanting La Bayadère, Angelica Agurbash appeared in The Magic Mirror,Anastasia Meskova plunged into A Midsummer Night's Dream, Karina Razumovskaya woke up in Flora Awakening, Anna Tsukanova found herself in Butterfly Whims, Olga Kuzmina turned out to be a true Cinderella, Alina Lanina plunged into Swan Lake, Ekaterina Vulichenko performed in stories "Naiad and the Fisherman", Aglaya Shilovskaya turned into "Sleeping Beauty", Natalya Kapustkina fled from "Bluebeard", Regina Nasyrova became "Taliman", and Ksenia Guseva became the heroine of "The Nutcracker".Regina Nasyrova became "Taliman", and Ksenia Guseva became the heroine of "The Nutcracker".Regina Nasyrova became "Taliman", and Ksenia Guseva became the heroine of "The Nutcracker".

Singer Anna Sedokova, who became the personification of the month of March, commented on her participation in the project: “I know that it is a great joy and honor for every designer to participate in the“Russian Silhouette”calendar. I had no doubts about taking part in this shoot. Professional team and amazing work."

The calendar designer, famous photographer Dmitry Iskhakov shared his impressions of working on the calendar: “I am open and glad to any suggestion. And Russian Silhouette is about beauty, about design … It's especially nice that there is an opportunity to work with Russian designers. And the theme of the calendar is ballet. This in itself is beautiful and it was interesting for me to try."

Singer Anzhelika Agurbash: “All the events held by“Russian Silhouette”are always very beautiful and refined. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but fate decreed a little differently. But now I have finally made this dream come true, feeling like a ballerina in this magical project, thanks to the side of designer Igor Gulyaev."

Soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, actress Anastasia Meskova: “I have heard about the Russian Silhouette Fund more than once. For me it is always a sign of quality, style and good taste. In general, I believe that following the fashion, the most important thing is not to lose yourself."

Theater and film actress Olga Kuzmina: “When I was offered to shoot for the calendar - it was an honor for me, there was a feeling that I was offered to participate in a truly grandiose project, with its own history and status. I did not expect that the photo session would take place in the images of specific characters, because there are many ways to bring the theme of ballet to life, combining it with the work of designers. But the concept with real heroes, characters from iconic productions is a delightful idea. And the fact that I am Cinderella is simply amazing, because my foot size is really very small."

Melodies from favorite performances, touching numbers from the ballet Nutcracker, which gives a New Year mood, and, of course, the defile itself, which the guests watched with admiration, gave the evening a fabulous charm and magical atmosphere. Among them were the singer Valeria and Joseph Prigogine, Nelly Kobzon, Maria Pogrebnyak, Alisa Tolkacheva, Alesa Kacher, Marina Demchenko and others. Everyone that evening found in the images of the Russian Silhouette calendar a character close to him in spirit from the magical productions of the Russian ballet.

The general sponsor of the event is VTB Bank.

Information partner - ELLE magazine.

Photo - Dima Babushkin

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