05-08 March Jewelry Exhibition "The Best Jewelry Of Russia"

05-08 March Jewelry Exhibition "The Best Jewelry Of Russia"
05-08 March Jewelry Exhibition "The Best Jewelry Of Russia"

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March is the best time to conquer new fashion heights. How to transfer the most interesting trends of the spring-summer season into everyday life and purchase a memorable gift for mom or girlfriend by March 8? The answer is obvious - at the annual March jewelry exhibition "The Best Jewelry of Russia" at VDNKh.

The choice of jewelry is huge, the materials are different, the styles of execution are extraordinary. About a hundred Russian and international jewelry companies will present collections that meet the trends of the spring season: designer items with diamonds, pearls, amber, gems and even a mammoth tusk. After all, accessories are something that fashionable women's clothing cannot do without. Only one detail can change the impression of the image: improve or spoil it. To begin with, the elements of historical costumes are returning to fashion.

At the evening event, it will be appropriate to dress in the spirit of Marie Antoinette in a blouse with voluminous sleeves and decorate your outfit with a decorative gold chain. Chokers, large bracelets, stylish necklaces and earrings made of huge links can be found at almost every stand of the Best Jewelry in Russia exhibition. A suitable jewelry set can be purchased at the stands of the following companies: CORONA (Krasnoe-on-Volga), Seven Diamonds Yakutskie Diamonds (Moscow), L-Silver Corporation (Moscow), Alpha (Moscow), Russian Amber "(Moscow), Ural Jewelry Factory, Ural Emerald and many others. If at the sight of brooches in a shade of fuchsia your eyes start to water, then you have chosen the right shade of pink for this season. For those who do not approve of the hobby for trendy fuchsi, there is an interesting and extremely relevant alternative - a delicate lavender shade.At the stands of Fillart (St. Petersburg), Mercury Jewelry House (Moscow), Tulikov Jewelry Production (Moscow Region), bold experiments with new shapes and avant-garde color solutions coexist with seasoned classics and Art Deco decorations.

The ability to give and receive gifts is always a joy. Please your loved ones with an original gift at the jewelry exhibition "The Best Jewelry of Russia".

Address | Opening hours | VDNKh ticket prices. Pavilion 75. Prospect Mira, 119, bldg. 75

March 05-07: 11:00 - 20:00

March 08: 11:00 - 17:00.

Admission to the exhibition is free, subject to registration on the website:

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