What Earrings Are Trending In 2020?

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What Earrings Are Trending In 2020?
What Earrings Are Trending In 2020?
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This summer fashion season is one great ode to individuality and self-expression. This has fully affected the accessories: from now on, without a bit of hesitation, we attract attention to ourselves and provoke compliments. We ran through the sokolov.ru catalog and selected the most spectacular new items from gold and silver, which are no longer divided into those that are in the feast and into the world, but are worn according to the mood!

Open statements: with captions

The leading trend of 2020 is loud statements. Statement jewelry with tags, keywords and life credos will help you learn more about your personality, even if you don't say a word. These are earrings with character: bright, massive, noticeable and completely self-sufficient. You can wear them with hoodies and jeans, or you can wear them with an ultra-fashionable silk blouse.

Monopoly: long mono earrings

A mono-earring, especially an exaggeratedly long one, is an indicator that you are “in the know”. We celebrate the triumph of individuality and rejoice that you can wear such "loners" both with the simplest everyday base and with a party hard outfit. In the second case, we throw the hair to one side and demonstrate our choice. It is, by the way, difficult: strict minimalism or, on the contrary, a rebellious spirit.

Gifts of nature: pearls and stones in natural shades

In 2020, the issue of ecology is unprecedentedly acute, and fashion reacts sharply to this. In the highlights of spring and next summer, there are earrings with pearls and semi-precious stones, the beauty of which is not brought to glamor-perfect by technological tricks. On the contrary, Mother Nature, with her imagination and a priori impeccable taste, does all their work for designers. The trend is the most natural shades and natural inclusions, as well as muted "complex" shades - ocher, magenta, malachite.

Bright mood: color block effect

Color takes center stage: according to Pantone, the most fashionable shades are deposited in the form of colored enamel on jewelry of non-standard shapes and sizes. The more noticeable, the better! Energetic Crimson Flames, Warm Saffron contrasting with discreet Classic Blue, Biscay Green, Coral Pink - everything we are used to seeing during our seaside holidays.

Minimum volume: laconic earrings

If you need to be both in trend and within the work dress code, rely on fashionable minimalism. The austere geometry will fit both a pastel pink two-piece suit and a white top-black bottom uniform. In the latter case, you can even play with color contrasts, bet on gold with perfectly smooth b / w ceramics of organic shapes and win. Ingenious simplicity that creates truly brilliant - in every sense! - impression.

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