UNOde50 Presented A Capsule Collection "MY SQUAD"

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UNOde50 Presented A Capsule Collection "MY SQUAD"
UNOde50 Presented A Capsule Collection "MY SQUAD"
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" My Squad " is the new capsule collection of the Spanish jewelry brand UNOde50, inspired by the ideas of community and teamwork

The writer Kurt Vonnegut, in his famous speeches, often referred to the idea of ​​large communities and the formula "one for all and all for one": it seemed to him that this is what people lack for a truly harmonious existence. The Spanish brand UNOde50 develops the philosophy of connecting people with each other - and by tradition, turns to nature as the main source of inspiration for its jewelry works. The world around us has provided an ideal example of such a commonwealth: the hardworking bees who together create thousands of honeycombs - a true symbol of teamwork, which became the basis of the capsule collection "My Squad".

Beauty in nature is interpreted as symmetry; therefore, it is not surprising that the collection is based on earrings with concentric circles, hexagonal honeycombs enclosing Swarovski emerald crystals; rings with mirrored bees. The name of the collection "My Squad" can be freely translated by several interpretations at once - my company, my environment, my loved ones. She combined natural motives, inexhaustible inspiration of the surrounding world and handicraft that is iconic for the Spanish brand.

"There is so much love in this world that there is enough for everyone, you just need to be able to search"

Kurt Vonnegut

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