First Show Of MTG Germany In Russia

First Show Of MTG Germany In Russia
First Show Of MTG Germany In Russia

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At the Collection Premier Moscow 2020 exhibition, for the first time, a fashion show was held by the distributor of international brands in the CIS and Baltic countries - MTG Germany, where the Fall-Winter 2020/21 collections of the MTG brand portfolio were presented, including Rich & Royal, Mos Mosh, Sportalm, Maerz, Cambio, BarbarLebek and others.

According to the tradition of fashion shows, celebrities and friends of the company took the first rows: theater and film actors, famous bloggers, top managers of major companies and partners. After the show, VIP guests were also able to evaluate the new collections at the MTG Germany stand.

The well-known European top consultant Norbert Locke, who is a member of the Austrian Business Advisory Council, was also the guest of honor at the event. Since this season, Norbert Locke is officially a business consultant for MTG Germany.

Asked by MTG CEO Markus Gillsch about the future of retail, Locke said, “Does retail have a future? Retail is the future! Customers want personalized service, they want to talk, get a recommendation, and get good advice. What about tactile sensations? Real shopping experience is only possible in retail."

For 27 years, MTG Germany has been the most successful fashion agency in the CIS market and continues to introduce a large number of European brands to the Russian market, holds round tables and seminars with the participation of professionals, and is actively developing its educational channel on Youtube.

At CPM 2020, MTG Germany has once again confirmed its strong position in the wholesale market for men's and women's clothing from Europe.

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