Sergey Sysoev. Spring-summer

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Sergey Sysoev. Spring-summer
Sergey Sysoev. Spring-summer

Video: Sergey Sysoev. Spring-summer

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Sergey Sysoev spring/summer 2018 2023, January

A few words about the time you have chosen. Time of ideal chaos and integration of the depth of the past into the content of the present.

A time in which any order instantly becomes deconstruction.

The past cannot be destroyed. It can only be rethought.

If you cross it, then only with velvet ribbons.

If ironic, then over yourself. A world without irony is equal to vulgarity.

Things and products become the new heroes of the time.

Logos are the new slogans. Behind them is the philosophy of unification.

The main theses of the election programs are now written on sequins.

Time blurs the boundaries between male and female, adult and child, mass and elite, synthetic and biological.

Let all flowers bloom, said Confucius.

And bloom on prints and faces, we continue.

People who look like robots or robots who look like people.

We have not yet fully decided whether we should stay here, in the world of revolutions and innovations, or explore space and move there.

But one thing we are sure of.

Of all the revolutions, we like denim.

Of all the realities, one ruled by feelings, not emotions.

If red is only inorganic.

If on vacation - then in the 70s. See how it all began …

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Photo - Dima Babushkin

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