Vemina. Spring-summer

Vemina. Spring-summer
Vemina. Spring-summer
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Outside the windows, autumn leaves fall, and the podium of Gostiny Dvor flashed with bright spring colors that burst into Moscow Fashion Week along with the prêt-`-porte collection of the famous Russian designer Liza Romanyuk, founder and creative director of the VEMINA Fashion House.

Phenomenally feeling the breath of time, Liza Romanyuk spoke in the new collection in favor of the palette of awakening nature, feminine emotionality, sensuality and absolute modern classics. One gets the feeling that while working on the collection, the designer was frankly enjoying the creative process: any of the models certainly embodies the sublime joy of the artist.

Liza Romanyuk's collection delights with both inventive interpretation of world fashion trends, and masterful designs, and the unconditional harmony of silhouettes and materials, and the closest attention to detail. The designer's bet was made on high-tech silk fabrics with original textures, fresh combinations of colors and shades, modern cut and impeccable workmanship.

Maintaining the status of cult items in the new season, colorful jackets made of delicate fur in the range of spring colors - pansies, tulips, daffodils - delight the eye.

They harmoniously fit into the aesthetics of the collection and call to perceive life as a holiday spectacular volumetric models made of double-sided taffeta in ripe tomato color with wavy olive-sand stripes reminiscent of village roads in sunny Tuscany.

The style of the 1920s is aptly quoted by an open dress made of weightless chiffon with a floral print: picturesque flowers on cascading ruffles exactly repeat the pattern of the fabric, and when moving there is a 3D effect.

Constantly improving in the classic style, but never repeating herself, Liza Romanyuk organically entered into the context of the collection individual images both for office everyday life and for glamorous parties. For a business day - elegant jacquard suits and short coats, pearl gray and beige leather jackets, jumpsuit with skirt-trousers and a dress made of embossed structured organza. And for a fun evening - cocktail dresses in gold and silver colors, dresses made of silk fabrics with gold plating, floral prints, pleats and clocks. Finishing - rows of folds, tucks, bows, flounces and bow-tie appliqués gives a special romantic flair to the models.

Late evening and night is a time of sincere feelings and dramatic images that embody passion and sexuality. Deep neckline, bare shoulders, full-length skirts, tight bodices and noble haute couture fabrics, on which butterflies flutter, swallows fly, irises bloom and rich embroidery with beads, rhinestones, gold and silver sparkle in this luxurious line of the Liza Romanyuk collection. threads. The evening pieces of the collection embody an absolutely modern aristocratic style without an excessive touch of vintage.

The fashion show solemnly ends with a magnificent snow-white wedding dress with large satin flowers, a crinoline, a train and a traditional veil, but not on the graceful head of the bride, but on the neckline that reveals delicate girlish shoulders. This inventive model of designer Liza Romanyuk once again frankly says: bolder, fashion no longer has taboo, this is your day, be what you want!

Photo - DimBabushkin

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