Day One: An Avant-garde Look At Fashion, The Secrets Of Successful Collaborations And Innovations In Retail

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Day One: An Avant-garde Look At Fashion, The Secrets Of Successful Collaborations And Innovations In Retail
Day One: An Avant-garde Look At Fashion, The Secrets Of Successful Collaborations And Innovations In Retail
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On October 24, the 38th Moscow Fashion Week started at Gostiny Dvor. Made in Russia”organized by the Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter Association with the support of MINPROMTORG of Russia.

Fashion is a phenomenon that organically combines tradition and a progressive approach. This topical mix allowed to create a unique atmosphere on the podium, in the welcome zone and on the backstage of the 38th season of HMM.

The Fashion Week in Moscow was opened by the Valentin Yudashkin prêt-à-porter spring-summer 2018 show.

Couturier Valentin Yudashkin turns to the theme of avant-garde art, more precisely, suprematism (from Latin supremus - the highest). Combinations of multi-colored planes and shapes - a straight line, rectangle, square and circle, as well as a combination of geometric shapes of different colors and sizes that form Suprematist compositions - all this is reflected in the collection. Dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories are decorated with prints and appliqués in the form of human figures, as if descended from the canvases of the avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich.

In the future spring-summer season, the designer proposes to combine summer raincoats and maxi-length coats made of linen, raincoat fabric, denim cotton, or elongated bomber jackets and cropped double and single-breasted straight-cut jackets made of cotton, linen matting, cotton satin with bulky trousers -palazzo with a high waist. The model range of the collection also includes voluminous skirts-shorts, elongated dress-shirts, dresses with flared skirts, sundresses, short and long overalls with an open back made of cambric, cotton, linen, silk and chiffon. In the evening looks, much attention is paid to exquisite and feminine dresses made of organza, tulle, satin and silk.

The game of asymmetry adds geometry and emphasizes the suprematist character of the collection. Some models are supplemented with draperies embroidered with beads, bugles and beads, which creates the effect of volumetric textured embroidery. In combination with rich colors - red, yellow, blue, green and white, unique images are born. They are complemented by spectacular accessories that continue the general theme of the collection: bags with a suprematist print, backpacks with graphic applications, slippers and mules made of leather and suede with a colored stripe and sunglasses with rounded degraded frames.

Valentin Yudashkin presented the image of a supremus woman, full of grace and sophistication. The image of a perfect woman, the highest degree of elegance and sense of style.

A surprise for the guests of the show was the demonstration of several models of children's clothing, announcing the launch of the Valentin Yudashkin for Kids line.

Irina Kulikova, favorite model of Marc Jacobs and John Galliano, participant of such world shows as Prada, NinRicci, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein became the Ambassador of the 38th season of Fashion Week in Moscow.

After the show. in the backstage zone, the guests got acquainted with the Faberlic by Valentin Yudashkin collaboration. They were among the first to see the new collection of women's clothing and accessories on display on the constructivist catwalk.

Showrooms started working in a new format. This season, a Pop-Up Store from the FREEDOM TEAM project has opened in Gostiny Dvor. It is a "labyrinth", along the entire perimeter of which you can get acquainted with the clothes of Russian designers. Especially for MFW, FREEDOM STORE buyers have collected collections of brands such as NOEL, CUTE, NNEDRE, OTOCYON, BAT NORTON, ARNY PRAHT, YANSEGETTI and many others. The Pop-up store presents popular designer brands of accessories from St. Petersburg, universal basic clothing, as well as concept brands in the urban style that is already typical for St. Petersburg. For the first time in the Pop-Up Store from the FREEDOM TEAM project, it will be possible to buy offline collections created in the FABERLIC collaboration with VALENTIN YUDASHKIN and ALENAKHMADULLINA.Along with the pop-up store at the Fashion Week in Moscow, there are five brand showrooms of Russian designers: KHAN, KalinkMorozov, AnastasiKuchugova, Mexico City and Kolchuga.

The official beauty partner of the Moscow Fashion Week is the cosmetics company Faberlic. Decorative cosmetics from the Secret Story line help make-up artists create bright catwalk looks and emphasize the individuality of each collection. The main favorites of the new collection are: "Brilliant Debut" lip varnish, "First Lady" matte lipsticks and "Your Favorite" voluminous mascara with special magnetic particles in the composition. Follow the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2018 season and complete your look with the decorative cosmetics from the Secret Story line from Faberlic.

The official fragrance of Moscow Fashion Week is a novelty from ESTEL 2017 - the GENEVIE perfume, which tells a story about self-knowledge, about the world of men and women, about uniqueness and synergy. He keeps in himself and expresses through himself the main spiritual components that distinguish us from each other and attract us to each other. Fine lines that make a woman a woman, a man a man.

The official car of the Moscow Fashion Week is Renault. Guests will be among the first to experience the new limited edition Kaptur EXTREME featuring Pure Vision LED optics, exclusive color combinations, new stylish interior trims and new equipment for an even safer and more comfortable ride.

The gastronomic partner of the Moscow Fashion Week is Maison Dellos.

Strategic partners of the Moscow Fashion Week are Afimall City and Fashion Consulting Group.

The guests of the opening of the Fashion Week in Moscow were: Anna Kalashnikova, Angelica Agurbash, Dmitry Olenin, Armen Yeritsyan, Ekaterina Odintsova, Alexander and Ida Dostman, Jasmine, Yulia Baranovskaya, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopulos, Christina Orbakaite, Ksenia Sukhinova, Larisa Dolina, Tatiana Naval Marina Demchenko, Maria Bogdanovich, Mikhail Zemtsov, Olga Orlova, Svetlana Abramova, Valery Meladze, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Irina Jovovich, Omar Bayramov and others.

Participants of Moscow Fashion Week shows:

Valentin Yudashkin, LModparniños Spain, Funny Sunny, IrinSharlay, LRedoute and LRedoute By Plus Size Magazine (France), ElenShipilovJorgiWhite, Sadovskayfor Gepur, LenskayDesigne Bureau, Artem Krivda, AlWolf, Burda, Anastasia Cashemira, AnnWolf, Burda, MirisanFiyra by TatianZatolokina, YaninDemi Couture, MD Makhmudov Djemal, Sergey Sysoev, Chloe х Vivicoxy, Design Festival “.RU. Made in Russia”, SabinMak, Shivey, Totalllook by GerSkandal / PolinGolub and DariBulgakova, KarinKhimchinskaya, VictoriAndreyanova, Faberlic by Alexandr Rogov, Stilnyashka, EleonorAmosova, Lana2Rock by JuliAsutina, Fashion Books by AlenteSomanova Karina Sarsenova, Sharov, Volky, AlenNega, De salitto & StefaniPinyagina & Pablosky, LisRomanyuk, L'efant royal,Kenguru, Lusien Krysan, NN by Ponomarev, Kamill Purshie, MariShosheva, Shiyan.

General Producer - Alexander Dostman.

General Director - Evgeniy Yashchuk.

The producer of the Moscow Fashion Week is Artem Krivda.

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