Andrey Sharov And Fortinbras SS'18 Came

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Andrey Sharov And Fortinbras SS'18 Came
Andrey Sharov And Fortinbras SS'18 Came
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Video: #спросизенит Андрей Сурмачевский / #askzenit Andrey Surmachevskiy 2023, February

A collection called “… and Fortinbras came” was nurtured by Andrey for several years: “As a theater artist, I have not yet managed to get in touch with Shakespeare. I put on classics, but never Shakespeare. This collection is my confused thoughts from reading Hamlet. All that I have managed to do in this collection is to finally get rid of obsessive states that have prevented me from living peacefully for the last year and a half. Of course, I look at this tragedy through the eyes of a 21st century person. It's a thrill that, centuries later, this thing is “walking through the veins”. Such an aftertaste of Hamlet …"

“Ten years ago, as one of the most famous designers, I went out of fashion. I got bored … And when I'm bored, I can't myself, and I don't want to force myself to do something … I closed my BUREAU 365 and began to think about what to do next. It was very difficult for me to say goodbye to people who have come a long way with me and I created all the conditions so that they would leave me on their own."

After ten years of traveling in space, having lived in different countries, accumulating impressions from travel and painting, he managed to take up his favorite business again. According to Andrey, the collection turned out to be very special: these are not clothes in the purely utilitarian sense of the word - these are images, this is a synthesis of theatrical costume and fashion. In the new collection, the artist tried to combine everything he loves and does throughout his life: theater, painting and fashion. Another interesting fact is that Andrei dreamed of the collection: as the artist himself says, he very rarely has dreams that he remembers, and in this case, he remembered the show and all the details well, and after a while he decided to take for the cause.

The new collection cannot be described in general terms, as the materials, shapes and techniques were borrowed from the field of theatrical costume, although it certainly has all the qualities of haute couture. Elements of kitsch and medieval Shakespearean aesthetics are on a par with grunge and "punk". And all this is decorated with original prints and hand-painted paintings. The central place in the collection is undoubtedly occupied by leather jackets with metal rivets and chain mail balaclavas, which take us back to the Middle Ages. The entire lineup of the collection carries the spirit of Hamlet's dilemma and contradiction. As a fashion designer, Andrey does an excellent job keeping one line and maintaining the overall style, and as a costume designer, he makes us admire the details that convey the intended context and immerse us in the world of Shakespeare's drama.

About the designer

Fashion designer and artist Andrey Sharov works in theater and cinema. For 25 years, he has staged more than 50 performances in the best theaters of the country, namely: the theater directed by O. Tabakov ", Sovremennik Theater, Maly Theater, Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Praktika Theater, Theater. "Mossovet" and many other theaters. As an internationally renowned painter and artist, Andrey Sharov constantly takes part in exhibitions and art forums on contemporary art. His canvases are sold at the best auctions in the world, such as: Sotheby`s, Contents Art Day (NY, USA), Phillips Under the Influence (London), Christie`s Interiors (London), and personal exhibitions are held in Paris, London, New York, Miami and Monaco. Andrey is also a laureate of the prestigious theater awards "CHAYKA" and "Texture".

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