Dora Blanc DoraLife Fall-Winter 2017-18 New Collection Show

Dora Blanc DoraLife Fall-Winter 2017-18 New Collection Show
Dora Blanc DoraLife Fall-Winter 2017-18 New Collection Show
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Inspired by alpine looks and holiday spirit, the Doralife Fall / Winter 2017/18 collection is both luxurious and simple. Oxymoron combinations can be traced everywhere: quilted quilted jackets made of silk and cashmere with chiffon flying skirts, the finest expensive guipure with cozy woolen knitwear, shine of sequins with velvety eco-suede. Numerous decorative details in the form of appliqués, removable elements, lace and satin piping perfectly complement every look.

I must say that the clothes of all Dora Blanc's collections are never specially designed for shows. Everything happens, as it were, the opposite - from life to the podium. All items at the shows are from the wardrobe of the clients of Dora Blanc's House of Personal Collections Dress Theater. Many of them are happy to become participants or provide their clothes for the podium. That is why at the shows of Dora Blank you will never see the disembodied shapeless, boring face of professional models. Different sizes, different ages, different lifestyles.

“We left the theater,” says Dora Blank in an interview after the show, “so there can be no restrictions for our masters. In tailoring, we can do everything and do it very high quality. After all, clothes for the theater should not only look good aesthetically, but and meet specific very stringent requirements: to be perfectly comfortable so as not to interfere with movement, and to be strong and durable in order to serve in the performance for a long time."

Not every year, Dora Blanc pleases her fans with her shows: “Creating and preparing a collection for the show requires huge intellectual, physical, emotional and, of course, financial investments. The specificity of our business involves the creation of individual author's models, capsule personal wardrobes, and not seasonal abstract collections, - says Dora Blank. - The lifestyles, characters and individual preferences of our clients are so different. And creating seasonal collections just "on the table" - on the podium - is simply inappropriate for us. But still, sometimes we gladly agree to such an adventure like shows at Fashion Weeks. This is necessary for both the team and our clients. Incredible drive, overwhelming positive emotions of movement forward, team rallying into a single perfectly functioning team,new design and directorial discoveries and solutions, and necessarily - excellent mood and joy of the viewer - all this is the result of our work on shows, akin to work on a theatrical production. We come from the theater …"

Daria Turovskaya

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