Victoria Andreyanova Fall-winter 2017-18

Victoria Andreyanova Fall-winter 2017-18
Victoria Andreyanova Fall-winter 2017-18
Video: Victoria Andreyanova Fall-winter 2017-18
Video: VICTORIA ANDREYANOVA FW 17-18 2023, February

What colors can I use to paint world peace so that this message resonates in my heart? With what notes to play a melody that will discourage the urge to shoot, glorify the great art of compromise? Or maybe a sculpture? How many of them have already been - piercing, philosophical. Yet artists should not stop trying. If the world is not saved by beauty, then what can it rely on? We still believe that the hugs that our belongings put in people can turn the most angry and sad ones into high-flying birds. And from above they will see that to fight is absurd. Better kiss.

Fabrics: cashmere with wool, silk and cotton, crepe and gabardine.

Combination of raincoat fabrics with Scottish mohair.

Reversible coats.

The ability to wear a coat over a coat is a new principle of building a wardrobe.

Chiffon body dresses, shirt dresses under coats. Layering.

Accessories: mohair and raincoat fabric scarves, quilted sleeves, badges and brooches.

Shapes and silhouettes: oval, trapezoid, rectangle.

Stitch trims, uniforms, chevrons, shoulder straps.

Colors: Navy, military, anthracite, beige, sand, gray rose, pearls.

Shoes for the show were provided by Econika.

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