"Provincial Style" Gathers Friends In Tula

"Provincial Style" Gathers Friends In Tula
"Provincial Style" Gathers Friends In Tula

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The fifteenth season of the Gubernsky Style International Festival of Fashion, Design and Crafts will take place from May 26 to May 28, 2017 in the hero city of Tula. The venue was determined as a result of a competition in which 9 regions participated.

The organizers of the grand fashion forum will be the Voronezh House of Designers, the Government of the Tula Region and the Tula College of Professional Technologies and Services, with the support of the National Academy of Fashion Industry and the Russian Union of Light Industry Entrepreneurs. For the tenth time the jury of the competition show will be headed by the patriarch of Russian fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The Maksi shopping and entertainment center, the largest entertainment and shopping center in Tula, will become the festival venue for three days. For the participants of the fashion show, a podium will be built in the atrium area and make-up rooms will be prepared.

The main competition screening will take place on Saturday 27 May. Collections will be presented in the nominations: "Street style" - clothes in the style of urban casual (casual), "Business Idea" - individual brands, "Du luxe" - evening, wedding and elegant clothes, "Creative" - ​​non-standard solutions and original performance, "Ethnostyle" - national features in modern clothes, "Debut" - creativity of juniors under 17 years old, "Joy of childhood" - clothes for children and school uniforms, "Performance" - a show of fashion theaters.

All days of the festival will be full of not only business, educational and competitive programs, but also trips to Yasnaya Polyana and the Polenovo estate, excursions to iconic museums of weapons, gingerbread and samovars, photo sessions in the Tula Kremlin. Tula, which is the true center of tourism in Russia, has every reason to become one of the centers of domestic fashion.

The Gubernsky Style Festival is a creative space for preserving, interpreting and incorporating the traditions of Russian national costume into modern fashion. For 15 seasons, designers from most regions of Russia and many foreign countries have become its participants.

Provincial Style is the official selection ground for nominating candidates for the Golden Spindle National Award in the fashion industry.

The winners are delegated to the finals of the Russian Silhouette competition and other Russian and international fashion forums. The winner of the sketch competition will receive a personal exhibition in his city at the expense of the festival's executive management.

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