Estet Fashion Week Celebrated Its Anniversary

Estet Fashion Week Celebrated Its Anniversary
Estet Fashion Week Celebrated Its Anniversary
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The 10th anniversary season of Estet Fashion Week, Russia's largest jewelry fashion week, was held on November 10-14 in Moscow, setting a real record for the number of guests. Over 5 days, the Celebration Hall of the Estet Jewelry House, where this colorful and prestigious fashion event takes place, was attended by more than 10,000 guests. The 10th Anniversary season of Estet Fashion Week can rightfully be called stellar - both in terms of the level of designers and their international fame.

The opening of the fashion week was marked by a special show from the chairman of the jury, the world famous couturier Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev (SlavZaitsev), People's Artist of Russia, Doctor of Arts, Professor. His collection, as always, caused a storm of delight and applause from the audience: bright colors, jewelry precision cut, perfect fit, thoughtfulness of the whole image. It is no coincidence that for several generations of young fashion designers in Russia and in the world, V.M. Zaitsev is a role model and role model.

On the same day, a solemn rewarding of the laureates of the jubilee Estet Fashion Week took place. The main prize "For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Russian Fashion" was received from the hands of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, the "Russian queen of fur", legendary fashion designer Irina Krutikova, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts. In 2015, Irina Vladimirovna's numerous awards were supplemented by the title of honorary winner of the Fashion of Russia award and the Estet Fashion Week award. On the catwalk of the 10th anniversary season of Estet Fashion Week, Irina Krutikova presented her new collection of furs, which, among other things, included the designer's invention, "golden fur" - and it is really golden, covered with natural gold using nano-technology. The show ended with the final release of the "Bird" model with spread wings made of squirrel skins, which,having flown all over the world, it has already become not only a visiting card of the designer, but also a symbol of Russian fur.

The jubilee season turned out to be rich in foreign participants as well. This time the "Best Foreign Designer" statuette went to the Tunisian designer Nawar Fawzi, a repeated participant of Estet Fashion Week. The Nawar Fawzi show itself took place on November 13, on the theme day of "Wedding and Evening Fashion". It was visited by representatives of a number of foreign diplomatic missions. The Ambassador of Tunisia to the Russian Federation, Mr. Ali Gutali, who together with his wife came to the show of the Tunisian designer, noted the high level of the collection itself and the organization of the show: “I am proud that the Tunisian designer receives this award at Estet Fashion Week, and I am glad to note that that this is not the first time I come to his shows. It was especially pleasant for me to see today's collection, which fully demonstrated,that fashion and art help us to conduct a cultural dialogue between our countries”. On this day, Estet Fashion Week was also attended by representatives of the Embassy of Jordan, who noted the high level of the event.

During Estet Fashion Week, the world famous brand Jovani (presented by Top Dress), a special guest from the Czech Republic, designer JitkKlett, the famous brand FUREDDO (Germany), the winner of the last EFW season in the nomination “Best Foreign Designer” Gevorg Shadoyan (brand Shadoyan Fashion), currently living in Italy and successfully working with European fashion houses, designer NairKhachatryan, brilliant brand Michal Negrin (Israel) and others.

According to the decision of the EFW jury, the famous domestic watch brand NIKA became the "Best Russian watch brand". The diploma "For the contribution and support of the fashion industry" was awarded to the general partner of Estet Fashion Week in style - the company DIKSON Coiffeur (Russia), a leader in the field of professional hair cosmetics.

And finally, by the unanimous decision of the organizing committee of Estet Fashion Week, the President of the Estet Jewelry House Gagik Gevorkyan was awarded the honorary statuette “For the foundation of jewelry fashion and in honor of the 10th anniversary season”.

As the head of Estet Fashion Week, President of the Foundation for the Development of Russian Jewelry Art Galina Ananyina said, the participants of the competition shows this time will be awarded in six months, as part of the spring season of Estet Fashion Week.

Estet Fashion Week, which is famous as one of the most creative fashion events in Russia, has, of course, approached the anniversary season in a non-standard way. The theme of one of the days of the fashion week was announced as Street Fashion Style and opened with the presentation of a joint project by Alisa Maximova, a multiple EFW participant, and the legendary Tekhnologiya group. The designer created new concert costumes for the “pioneers of Russian techno-romance”, which they demonstrated not only within the framework of a bright musical set, but also participating in the designer's fashion show as models. In the same fashion show, the official EFW backstage photographer, photo artist Sergei Lenin appeared on the EFW catwalk in a very bold experimental image, who also noted himself in the framework of the anniversary fashion week and had a personal exhibition in the hall.

In some fashion shows, as in previous seasons, pop stars, television and catwalk stars participated: Dana Borisova, Chile, Alena Apina, Tatyana Ovsienko, Natalia Gudkova, Natalia Senchukova, Svetlana Razina, Agata Priluchnaya, Anna Mikhailovskaya, winner of the international beauty contest “Queen of the Planet” Zhanna Volkovich, “Miss Moscow 2015” Oksana Voevodina and others. The tenth season of Estet Fashion Week was visited by many media persons - from the famous astrologer Pavel Globa to the head of the All-Russian movement of motorcyclists "Night Wolves" Alexander "Surgeon" Zaldostanov.

An important feature of EFW is its social and charitable focus.

As part of the project "We are different, we are equal", aimed at integrating children with Down syndrome into public, secular and fashionable life, with the support of the Top Secret Kids model agency for children and the Downside Up foundation, Estet Jewelry House invited children with Down syndrome Down to perform together with professional models on the big catwalk of Estet Fashion Week. On November 11, the guys demonstrated the collection of the talented designer Polina Golub. The gifts provided for them by the SDG group of companies and the BabyWow Agency for Children's Parties have also become real holidays for these children.

On November 12, the project "Commune 13", a creative community of graduates and senior students of the Institute of Arts of the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, presented its collections on the podium. It was a show of designers who are just taking their first creative steps in the fashion business, and it was very important for them to get the first recognition, the first wide audience, the first applause. It was Estet Fashion Week that became for them such an important "gateway to life" and a serious milestone in their creative portfolio.

On the final day, November 14, Estet Fashion Week jury member, top model, TV presenter Irina Dmitrakova presented a special project “Gone Legends of the Russian Fashion Industry” dedicated to contemporary designers who left us untimely, in particular, the “Queen of Hats” who passed away this year »Violetta Litvinova. On stage, with the help of friends and associates, the best works of the master were shown. By the decision of the jury of Estet Fashion Week, Violetta Litvinova was awarded the award “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Russian Fashion” (posthumously).

And the day began with a minute of silence - in memory of all those who died the night before in a series of terrorist attacks in the capital of world fashion, in Paris.

For the second season, the official partner of the Closing Day is the Genser group of companies, the official dealer of Hyundai. Two premium cars - Hyundai EQUUS and Hyundai Genesis - were presented in the luxurious hall of Estet, among the enchanting brilliance of jewelry and dazzling beauty of the presented designer models. All those present had a great opportunity to sign up for a test drive of these wonderful cars. The representatives of the company presented a special certificate for an additional test drive to the honored guest of the evening - actress and TV presenter Yana Poplavskaya.

As always, Estet Fashion Week was accompanied by showrooms on the 1st floor of the Estet Jewelry House, where it was possible to buy designer clothes and accessories. Their works were presented here: Bijou Tresor, LVertige, Top Dress (Jovani), JitkKlett, Russian Fashion Designers Association,, Veronika Konashevich, Marina Riviera, FUREDDO, Nawar Fawzi, Michal Negrin, Natalika.

The concert program, which traditionally precedes the Estet Fashion Week shows, was attended by: special guests - singer and composer Mark Tishman, the Tekhnologiya group, violinist, laureate of international competitions Svyatoslav Moroz with the project In Pravda, as well as the semifinalist of Voices Alla Reed, finalist of the Factor A project Alexander Balykov, winner of the EuroJurmala competition, participant of the Bachelor TV show Tasha Turova, finalist of the Europian rock voice competition Irma Sauber, singers Ksenia Devi, Ksenia Bordeau, young participants Sofya Moskaleva, Yulia Korotkova and others …

“Estet Fashion Week is that amazing place where fashion designers and jewelers meet,” said Gagik Gevorkyan, Chairman of the Council of the Guild of Russian Jewelers, President of the Estet Law Office, summing up the results of the season. - They meet to create a real miracle on stage, a complete fashion image. The tenth anniversary fashion week flew by very quickly and brought a lot of the most positive emotions. Every day we saw full houses in this hall, and this is the main support and reward for us."

List of participants in the X anniversary season of Estet Fashion Week:

SlavZaitsev, Irina Krutikova, Top Dress (Jovani) (USA), Nawar Fawzi (Tunisia), JitkKlett (Czech Republic), FUREDDO (Germany), SHADOYAN Fashion (Armenia), Michal Negrin (Israel), Cartas, Frugoletto by Raschini (Italy), NairKhachatryan, VeronikKonashevich (Family Look) (Belarus), Alisa Maksimova, Gayane Martirosyan (Armenia), Association of Russian Fashion Designers (Valentina Melnikova, Elena Starikova, Vera Cherepova, Margarita Bortnikova, Ekaterina Khandrikova), Elen Ermo (Belarus, Vitaciac) together with the shoe brand Pablosky, COMMUNE13 (Show from graduates and students of the Institute of Arts of MGUDT), jewelry brands “Jewelry Traditions”, “NIKA”, Escad (distributor of ProTime RUS), Bijou Tresor, Natalik and others.

Jury of the X Estet Fashion Week competition of the anniversary season:

Vyacheslav Zaitsev - Chairman of the Jury, People's Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, head of the SlavZaitsev brand;

Galina Ananyina - head of the Estet Fashion Week project, president of the Russian Jewelry Development Fund, public figure

Alexander Zhurbin, composer, honored art worker of the Russian Federation;

Mark Tishman, singer, composer and TV presenter, winner of the Channel One show "Two Stars-3"

Evgeny Gerchakov, actor, People's Artist of Russia;

Vika Tsyganova, Russian singer, actress, composer, fashion designer

Natalya Palinova, general director of the Russian Music Box TV channel;

Natalya Volkova, Head of Regional Office of Swarovski Gemstones for Russia and the CIS

Olga Vainshtein, culturologist, fashion historian, doctor of philological sciences, author of the famous book "Dandy";

Irina Dmitrakova, the first model of the USSR, actress, TV presenter;

Irina Volkodaeva, Head. Department of Moscow State University of Design and Technology;

Irina Velichka, opera singer, laureate of International Competitions in Russia, Italy, Greece, President of the Independent Competition of Opera Performers;

Elena Pleshakova, Commercial Director of the Ural Jewelry Factory, Director of the Maxim Demidov Jewelry Salon

Natalya Volkova, Head of the Regional Office for Russia and the CIS, Swarovski Gemstones

Svetlana Bogdanova, art director of the Dikson company (Russia)

Irina Karimova, Head of the School of Fashion Journalism and Ch. editor of

and etc.

General style partner of Estet Fashion Week is DIKSON (ITALY)

Official modeling agency - General models

Official children's modeling agency - Top Secret kids

Stage Director - Daria Chernysh

Visage - "School-studio of visage K.WHITE"

Closing official partner - Genser group of companies - official Hyundai dealer

Partner of the special award for journalists - the watch company "NIKA"

Organizing Committee:

Galina Ananyina - Project Manager at Estet Fashion Week, President of the Russian Jewelery Development Fund

Vladimir Preobrazhensky - art director and producer of the Estet Fashion Week concert program

Organizing committee staff: Alina Gul, Elena Rabchevskaya, Irina Sukhanova, Maria Romanova

Technical Director - Gennady Marchenko

Lighting Designer - Alexander Styufeev

Video Engineer - Alexey Skvortsov

Official photographer - Dmitry Babushkin

Official backstage photographer - Sergei Lenin

Official operator - Vladislav Belyakov

Host of the program - Boris Cherkasov

Official site

Information Partners:

Ok magazine - general information partner

Russian Music Box TV channel - general telepartner

IA Intermedia, Channel 8,, Dear Pleasure,,, IA, Fashion, Estet, Fashion Marketing Design, Navigator of Jewelry Trade, Guild of Jewelers Russia”,,, Optical Magazine, Stylenews, Russian Business Register, Fashion United, Jewel & Travel, Melon Rich

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