"Bohemia Of The Brain" By "Milana Mil'novskaya" (Estet Fashion Week, November 17)

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"Bohemia Of The Brain" By "Milana Mil'novskaya" (Estet Fashion Week, November 17)
"Bohemia Of The Brain" By "Milana Mil'novskaya" (Estet Fashion Week, November 17)
Video: "Bohemia Of The Brain" By "Milana Mil'novskaya" (Estet Fashion Week, November 17)
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Brand exclusive author's clothes, accessories and fotoprint "MilanMil'novskaya" in conjunction with the brand of handmade eco-friendly shoe "RAROPEPITA" in one of the most anticipated fashion-event this fall - "Estet Fashion Week" - will present a new collection from the iconic name "Bohemia head brain”.

November 17, the third day of the international jewelry fashion week "EFW", will be dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vasily Vasilyevich Kandinsky, a famous artist, a prominent theoretician of fine arts, who later became one of the generally recognized founders of abstract art. So, the theme of the shows on November 17 will sound like: "Geometry of Forms" ("Traditions of avant-garde and futurism in modern design").

It is on this day that the elite line of bohemian images with rock and roll presentation will appear before the most eminent audience of the capital. Its creators, talented fashion designer Milana Milnovskaia, who has already made a splash on fashion catwalks with such collections as “People are portals” and “SS 15/16”, and the shoe brand “RAROPEPITA”, which won the International competition for young designers “Assembly of Fashion / Fashion Assembly”, managed to successfully merge the incongruous contrasts. Courage and eccentricity, eccentricity and outrageousness enter into a harmonious symbiosis with tenderness and sophistication, fragility and brevity. The Bohemia of the Brain collection has incorporated the best traditions of the MilanMil'novskaya brand: mixing of various trends and styles, the use of a unique author's cut, the use of original materials. Especially for the show brand "RAROPEPITA" I moved away from the traditional style of a favorite of all the lines of " Flower Overture" by preparing an exclusive special edition models.

The show will be accompanied by a performance by jazz singer Lera Gechner, a participant in the fifth season of the “Voice” TV project.

Versatility. Versatility. Ambiguity. “Bohemia of the Brain”. A collection destined to become a sensation.

MilanMil'novskay & RAROPEPITwith Love

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