Moscow Expects Jewelry Fashion Show Estet Fashion Week

Moscow Expects Jewelry Fashion Show Estet Fashion Week
Moscow Expects Jewelry Fashion Show Estet Fashion Week
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Video: Ювелирная неделя моды Estet Fashion Week 2017. Москва // Jewelry Estet fashion week. Moscow 2023, February

On November 15-20, 2016, Moscow will host the XII season of the International Jewelry Fashion Week Estet Fashion Week.

Estet Fashion Week won fame as the most creative fashion week in Moscow for a reason. Its distinctive features are:

-the availability of thematic shows (from gothic and ethno to futuristic and avant-garde research, grouped on separate days);

- Estet Fashion Week award, which is awarded by the decision of the jury (chairman - V.M. Zaitsev) in various nominations;

-a business program with the participation of art historians, journalists, designers and fashion experts

- concert program

-exhibitions and presentations.

Among the special events of the autumn season of Estet Fashion Week: the presentation of the designer collection of Vika Tsyganova on November 19 (as well as the performance of the singer), the performance of Sati Kazanova (November 18), as well as the composer and singer, Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Presnyakov Sr., together with the legendary VIA "Gems ".

All guests of Estet Fashion Week will witness the unique Cinema Defile exhibition. For the first time in the format of a publicly accessible exhibition, costumes from the museum storage of the television center will be presented, which took part in the filming of legendary Soviet films, such as "Hello, I am your aunt!", "12 chairs", "These incredible musicians, or Shurik's New Dreams" … The organizer of the exhibition is the Ostankino Television Center (specially for Estet Fashion Week). On November 16, costumes from many favorite films will be held on the Estet Fashion Week catwalk.

The full program of the fashion show and the schedule of shows can be found on the website

As part of Estet Fashion Week, before the show (17.00), a business program is traditionally held with the participation of art critics, journalists, designers and fashion experts. The business program attracts a lot of attention from the media and everyone who is not indifferent to the issues of modern fashion. Details of the business program

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