Vika Tsyganova Will Present Her Fashion Collection At Estet Fashion Week

Vika Tsyganova Will Present Her Fashion Collection At Estet Fashion Week
Vika Tsyganova Will Present Her Fashion Collection At Estet Fashion Week

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On November 19, the Estet Jewelry House will host an open show of the Imperial Style collection of the TSIGANOVA brand. The event will mark the official closing of the XII season of Estet Fashion Week.

The participation of the TSIGANOV brand in Estet Fashion Week will be a continuation of the fashion line that designer and singer Vika Tsyganova presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Metropol Hotel. The presentation of the outfits was held in a closed format, and the collection was not fully presented. Now the collection "Imperial Style" will be presented to a wide audience, within the framework of the fashion show, the TSIGANOV brand will show more than twenty items. The show during Estet Fashion Week will be decorated with a performance by the ballerinas of the Imperial Russian Ballet staged by Gediminas Taranda.

TSIGANOV is a brand of the Russian artist, fashion designer, singer and actress Vika Tsyganova. Vika creates things from natural fabrics (silk, wool) and leather, complements the author's embroidery using gold and silver threads, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and beads. The main motives are the classic patterns of Persia in combination with the Russian technique of execution and trimming with traditional Russian furs - sable, marten.

On November 15-20, 2016, Moscow will host the XII season of the International Jewelry Fashion Week Estet Fashion Week. The organizer and author of the project is the Estet Jewelry House, in the luxurious Hall of Celebrations of which this celebration of beauty and design imagination will take place. The autumn season is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Estet Jewelry House.

Estet Fashion Week won fame as the most creative fashion week in Moscow for a reason. Its distinctive features are:

-the availability of thematic shows (from gothic and ethno to futuristic and avant-garde research, grouped on separate days);

- Estet Fashion Week award, which is awarded by the decision of the jury (chairman - V.M. Zaitsev) in different nominations;

-a business program with the participation of art historians, journalists, designers and fashion experts

- concert program

-exhibitions and presentations

The main distinctive principle of Estet Fashion Week is to present both designer clothing collections and jewelry collections of Russian and foreign brands on the catwalk.

Estet Fashion Week knows no boundaries. Clothing items, jewelry and watches, accessories, designer bags, hats, as well as, of course, hairstyles and make-up appear here in a single image on the catwalk, creating a complete fashion image. Estet Fashion Week provides its catwalk to both world-renowned masters and novice designers, giving them ample opportunities to implement the most daring creative tasks. At the same time, each season is accompanied by an exciting euphoria of a real holiday, in which everyone feels himself in the center of attention - both designers and jewelry creators, models and guests. Designers participating in Estet Fashion Week shows have repeatedly noted the special friendly atmosphere that reigns here at all stages of preparation and holding of the event, creating a beneficial and comfortable atmosphere for creative people.

By tradition, the fashion week will open with a special show from the chairman of the jury of Estet Fashion Week - People's Artist of Russia, head of the SlavZaitsev house Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev.

Among other announced participants: ALMAST studio, PersOnby Dimodaitali (Russia-Italy), Association of Russian Fashion Designers, Andrey Kanunov, AnastasiFalkovich (Belarus), OksanNegoda, Lyutich (Belarus), MareLuna, Ekaterina Khandrikova (SladFashionova brand), Designer Katya Murmilova (KatyMurmil brand)), Designer Diana Grebneva ("BaráBas" brand), IndirBadiyar, Rouge Label (designers: Ksenia Danilenko and Oksana Egorova), NikitinEkaterina, Natalia Trunova, MargaritShavragova, Maria Pugacheva, KozlovskyAleksandr (Belarus), MilanMilnovskaya and others

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