Vittorio Raggi Show During Estet Fashion Week

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Vittorio Raggi Show During Estet Fashion Week
Vittorio Raggi Show During Estet Fashion Week
Video: Vittorio Raggi Show During Estet Fashion Week
Video: Показ Vittorio Raggi и IMAC на Estet Fashion Week 2023, February

Vittorio Raggi is a brand created by the creative union of two talented designers Julia Solntseva and Olga Raspopova.

Specializing in the manufacture of exclusive fur and leather clothing, complemented by multi-textured fabrics of its own design.

Vittorio Raggi offers its products to various consumers: children, teenagers and adults. The company pays special attention to the creation of a family look.

At the 9th season of Estet Fashion Week, the designer brand Vittorio Raggi presented its new collection consisting of four independent capsules: Retro, Fish, Charm, and Tropics

Capsule "Retro" - is the chic and charm of exquisite combinations of shapes and colors with light shades of retro memories, expressed (or reflected) in smooth lines of flounces and flowing frills, in wonderful combinations of spicy and mint colors, in the shine and softness of fabrics in luxury and the grace of the skin.

"Fish": - a combination of movement and play, brightness and smoothness. The key idea of ​​this capsule is expressed in the bright, extraordinarily attractive prints of fish that float through all the products of the capsule. Big and small fish either flock or swim apart, and on some products they form "peas".

The use of light, airy fabrics in combination with silk, tulle and knitwear makes this capsule extraordinarily attractive to the eyes, color solutions fill it with depth, and the sophistication of simple forms with convenience and comfort.

Capsule "Charm" is distinguished by the elegance of lines, an excellent combination of dresses and skirts made of dense, noble silk and soft knitwear with tops, vests and skirts made of perforated translucent leather, exquisitely decorated with stones, ribbons and rhinestones. The highlight of this capsule are abstract drawings and prints that delight with the originality of forms and a varied palette of colors from rich bright yellow to cold ice blue and blue.

"Tropics" is presented in bright saturated colors of green and yellow, red and cream, powdered pink, combined with prints of exotic fish and plants.

The Tropica capsule is a combination of convenience and comfort, brightness and attractiveness. This is a mix of different materials: thin perforated leather, knitwear, warm soft fleece, which is very important for creating street style looks.

All four capsules are independent and self-sufficient, but, of course, they are united by the easily recognizable own style of the Vittorio Raggi Brand.

The Vittorio Raggi @vittorio_raggi show was opened by People's Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Buinov @buinovofficial with his twin granddaughters Sonya and Dasha, and Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Ovsienko @ovsienko_tatiana

Invited movie and pop stars Anna Kalashnikova @annakalash, Elena Knyazeva @belka_russia, Christina Kolganova @kristina_kolganov, Maria Butykar @bukatar took part in the defile. The organizers of the shows were the Kids TV Production Center, the Road Star Production Center and the M&M World of Fashion and Beauty Society.

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